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photo: coal ash dump / shutterstock

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is proposing another free pass to industrial polluters. This time he wants to allow coal utilities to write their own rules for how they manage their coal ash.

Coal ash pollution

Yet again, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is out to please his industry allies at the expense of public health and the environment. His latest assault is on the Clean Water Act’s coverage of pollution that flows into lakes, rivers, and bays through groundwater. Tell EPA not to weaken the Clean Water Act today!

Coal-buring power plant, Alexandria VA. Photo credit: Douglas Litchfield / Shutterstock

Tell EPA today that our health and our families are more important that polluter profits. Tell them that we can't afford to cancel the Clean Power Plan and replace it with weaker standards.

Senator Markey (D-MA) and the Wheel of Giveaways. Screenshot from CSPAN

Big polluters and their friends in Congress are pushing an extreme agenda to rollback vital laws, regulations, and funding that protect clean water, reduce air pollution, and fight climate change.

Oil and Gas Money is Choking our Democracy

The oil and gas industry, aided by the erosion of campaign finance laws and nearly boundless lobbying budgets, asserts enormous influence over legislative processes in real time while also enjoying legacy influence in regulatory frame- works. The results can be devastating to the health of the environment and the public.

Back to the 80s? photo:

The state senate is moving a bill (SB 1088) that would roll back protections for shallow oil and gas drilling to 1984 standards.


A bill that gives a green light without current hazardous waste standards to the DuPont, now Chemours, Chambers Works Hazardous Waste Facility in Salem County has just passed the New Jersey Legislature! Take action today.

Water Faucet

75% of Minnesotans get their drinking water from a groundwater source. The 1989 Groundwater Protection Act was adopted to protect Minnesota’s groundwater and drinking water resources. For agricultural chemicals, including nitrate used as fertilizer on farm fields, the Act directs the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) to promote voluntary pollution prevention. If that approach proves ineffective, however, the MDA may impose rules that limit cropland pollution of drinking water supplies.

Pittsburgh. Credit: ESB Professional /  Shutterstock

Allegheny County Health Department must be more transparent and accountable to the residents of Allegheny County, not the industries that do us harm. Tell them to close the loopholes.