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Large group of people as seen from above. Credit: Stockernumber2 / iStock

Our democracy has been under assault for years by powerful special interests who want to buy their way into our government. They have helped elect politicians who put their needs first and then do everything they can to make sure they can’t be held accountable by voters – introducing strict voter ID requirements, gerrymandering districts so it’s nearly impossible for them to lose, and more.

Lake Superior / photo: Wendy Heath for Clean Water Action

The Great Lakes are national treasures. They contain 20% of the Earth's fresh surface water and drinking water to millions. The Great Lakes are vital to the people, communities, wildlife, and economy of the eight-state Great Lakes region. They should be protected now, and for future generations.

Oil and Gas Money is Choking our Democracy

The oil and gas industry, aided by the erosion of campaign finance laws and nearly boundless lobbying budgets, asserts enormous influence over legislative processes in real time while also enjoying legacy influence in regulatory frame- works. The results can be devastating to the health of the environment and the public.

Minnesota Capitol / photo: (CC BY 2.0)

This week Governor Walz signed the Firefighter and Children Health Protection Act of 2019 (FCHPA) into law. The FCHPA was one of our biggest priorities this legislative session, because it protects kids and firefighters from dangerous chemicals. With the help of Clean Water Action members, the legislature and Governor Walz recognized the this bill was important to Minnesotans.  This is a big win -- take a minute to thank your elected officials for putting the health of Minnesota families first!

Photo: Suzanne Tucker,

Urge Connecticut legislators to support HB 7346, a bill that would ban the use of the toxic pesticide Chlorpyrifos in Connecticut.

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Please contact your local officials to let them know you would like to see a single-use plastics ordinance in your hometown.