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Pendley is a radical, anti-public lands extremistPendley is an anti-public lands zealot who is currently serving as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management in violation of the law.

Tell Governor Hogan: mandate covid-19 protections for vulnerable workers.

Join us as we ask Governor Hogan to issue an Executive Order for mandatory COVID-19 protections for these workers who are putting their lives at risk to put food on our tables.

Break Free From Plastic with Clean Water Action. Source: Canva

Plastic pollution is a problem at every stage of its lifecycle: from extracting the fossil fuels needed to create it and processing them into plastic, to their ultimate destination whether that is a landfill, an incinerator, or litter in our environment. And as recycling markets change with fewer products becoming realistically recyclable, and as plastic companies exploit the coronavirus crisis to promote their products, the global plastics crisis is just getting worse.

Forest in Fall along river

Frederick County has rules to protect these buffers when land is developed next to a waterway. Tell the Council to vote yes to strengthen those requirements and protect Frederick City's drinking water.

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Urge Your State Legislators to Support the Childhood Lead Test Act

The PA Department of Health’s Childhood Lead Surveillance Annual Report found that only that only 31% of children within the Commonwealth under the age of 2 are tested for lead- despite knowing it’s highly poisonous; that childhood exposure can cause developmental disorders;  and that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ranks Pennsylvania second for the greatest number of children poisoned by lead. 

map via University of Michigan

Send a message to the Director of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. Ask her to reject Enbridge Energy’s resource and NPDES permit requests to build a tunnel for the Line 5 pipeline through the bottomlands of the Straits of Mackinac.

The project is too dangerous.

Send a message now!

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Climate change is already having devastating effects on drinking water because climate change is water change.  We have to get serious about tackling the climate crisis now – and that means electing leaders who will join us in the fight against climate change.

Picture of Mackinac Straits. Caption: Protect Our Great Lakes & Straits, Shut Down Line 5 No Tunnel

Last week, Governor Whitmer asked Enbridge Inc., to provide financial assurance mechanisms as well as an insurance policy for the Line 5 pipeline that names the state of Michigan as co-insured. We know that nothing will protect the Great Lakes from an increasingly likely Line 5 oil spill short of revoking Enbridge’s easement, but at the very least Enbridge’s insurance policy would ensure that Michigan taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag when a devastating oil spill does occur. 

Solar Panel Image. Source_Jersey Renews

Governor Murphy’s New Jersey Clean Energy Equity Act is a first step toward a renewable energy future in New Jersey, but we must be explicit and deliberate in ensuring that all New Jerseyans benefit from a clean energy future.