Minnesota Actions

Lake Superior / photo: Wendy Heath for Clean Water Action

Act to Protect the Great Lakes

Send a message to your U.S. Senators and Representative urging them to fully fund the GLRI, overdue infrastructure investments, and other important federal programs that protect our water, health, and the Great Lakes.

Minnesota Capitol

Urge your legislators and Governor Dayton to oppose legislation that puts our environment at risk!

Contact your legislators and Governor Dayton today. Ask them to defend attempts to weaken environmental protections and disrupt our path to clean energy!

paint stripper / photo: flickr.com/photos/89119745@N00 (CC BY 2.0)

Support EPA Action on dangerous paint strippers

Safer alternatives to dangerous toxic paint strippers are readily available—but we need the EPA to take action.

Amazon boxes / photo: flickr.com/121483302@N02 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tell Amazon to improve their grade on toxics

Amazon received an “F” grade in the recent Mind the Store Retailer Report Card for failing to take actions to protect shoppers from toxic chemicals. Let Amazon know an “F” isn’t acceptable by sending your message today.

A baby in a blanket / photo: istock lostinbids

Support the Firefighter and Children’s Health Protection Act

In 2015 Minnesota banned four toxic flame retardants but our work isn’t done. Ask your legislators to stand with families and firefighters today.

A child at a playground using waste tire mulch

Protect Minnesota’s children with a waste tire moratorium

Protect Minnesota kids - urge your legislators to support the moratorium language that is included in SF 800, the Omnibus Health and Human Services bill!