Stop Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt is a terrible choice for EPA Administrator. Tell your Senators to reject him and any other fringe candidates
Donald Trump Will Not Have the Last Word on Our Water
Don't let Donald Trump turn back progess on our water. Join the fight!
Thank President Obama for acting on DAPL and tell your Senators to preserve this decision

The Issues

Stream, image from the surface of the water. Photo credit: Olesya Mishkina / Shutterstock
Protect Our Water and Health
Fighting Harmful Impacts of Oil and Gas Production
Climate Change is Water Change
Engaging the Public, Electing Clean Water Leaders

From We All Live Downstream

Ripples on the surface of the water. Credit: 2xWilfinger / Shutterstock
November 22, 2016

You can’t ramp up dirty fossil fuel production, roll back environmental safeguards, and keep the water and air clean at the same time. You just can’t. 

coal car / photo: istock, brianbalster
November 23, 2016

Last week I outlined the numbing reality of climate change denier, Myron Ebell, leading the EPA transition team. Ebell is still in the running for the top EPA Administer job, but the odds favor a more under the radar candidate.

Sun and clouds / photo: (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
November 17, 2016

The next four years, and the future of our planet will be determined by us, not Donald Trump. Trump campaigned on a platform of rolling back environmental policy to the dark ages, and we can only take his word that he will try to do just that. He has already appointed a climate denier to head the EPA transition, and is considering a fracking mogul to lead the Department of Energy. His administration will be stacked with polluting interests and anti science extremists.

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