Act Now

Minnesota Capitol / photo: (CC BY 2.0)

HF 1291/SF 1087 takes environmental review out of the hands of the public and the agencies with expertise and gives it to the regulated entity itself. Contact your legislators and Governor Dayton today.

Please contact your state legislators now and ask them to support An Act to protect children, families and firefighters from harmful flame retardants. The Children and Firefighters Protection Act will phase out the use of certain harmful flame retardant chemicals in children's products and residential furniture. As scientific studies provide mounting evidence of health risks associated with toxic flame retardant chemicals, increasing public concern has pushed manufacturers and retailers to take steps on their own to eliminate these toxins from their products.

MInneapolis skyline, photo: istock, stevieg999

Bills to overturn the Minneapolis Bring Your Own Bag ordinance are moving through the state legislature.

Solar panels, photo: istock

Don't let the Minnesota legislature slow down our solar and clean energy progress.


Take Action! Tell VDEQ our water needs better protections from coal ash.

Methane flare, black smoke. Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Pennsylvania’s rules to address methane emissions from new oil and gas operations were barely out for public comment when the State Senate introduced legislation to prevent their adoption. Senate Bill 175 sponsored by Sen. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny Co) would handcuff our ability to reduce methane by barring Pennsylvania from passing rules that are stronger than the federal government’s minimum standards.

Three glasses of water on a table. Photo credit:  bunyarit / Shutterstock

We are calling on legislators to require lead testing and compliance in our schools to keep our kids healthy. Take action now! 

Fracking operations in North Dakota

Let DEP know you’re grateful for their action on methane but want to see them finalize the strongest rule possible.


The highly controversial South Jersey Natural Gas application for a 23-mile, mile gas pipeline through the protected Pinelands forest preserve is back on the burner. The pipeline was rejected by the all-volunteer Pinelands Commission in 2014. Since then, it’s been non-stop back-room deals, political shenanigans, and utter disrespect for the public.