Act Now

Ask your legislators to continue to work to phase out toxic chemicals!

A sea otter tries to rescue her pup from a plastic bag / photo: Terry McCormac

Act now — sign the pledge to vote yes for California's bag ban on the November ballot.

Take the Pledge!

Pledge to reduce your reliance on single-use disposable products and packaging.

Three glasses of water on a table. Photo credit:  bunyarit / Shutterstock

Tell the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) to protect our health and our drinking water by drafting a stronger Nitrogen Management Rule!

A coal ash dump. Photo Credit: Nenad Zivkovic / Shutterstock

In January the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) issued Dominion Power two permits to drain over 300 million gallons of toxic coal ash wastewater into the Potomac and James River.

Tell the Board of Pharmacy today to endorse the DEA’s safety rules for drug disposal programs and get out of the way of protecting our water and our communities.

Three glasses of water on a table. Photo credit:  bunyarit / Shutterstock

Support and stand in solidarity with the people of Flint.

Flint residents have been living with poisoned water and they need all Michiganders to help amplify their voices and make sure that the community gets what it needs.

Six Flags Solar

Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park wants to do a good deed but in a horrible way - build NJ's largest solar farm but by clear cutting almost 70 acres of healthy forest despite a perfect alternative location right next door, its 100-acre parking lot!

Jackson Township has signed off on it but did so illegally, is being sued, and is reconsidering its position. If not corrected, this plan will mean more flooding and pollution in Jackson, damage headwater streams of the Toms and Delaware Rivers, Barnegat Bay, and flies in the face of what makes Great Adventure special.

Waste pit - Kern County

Oil and gas companies have been dumping their wastewater into unlined open pits, threatening groundwater and air quality. This disposal method is an irresponsible way for industry to save a few dollars, and it has contaminated groundwater in numerous cases.