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pitcher of water. photo: successo images /

Fresh off weakening important flood and clean water rules, Governor Christie is now going after the Highlands, 800,000 acres in north- western New Jersey that supplies over half of the state’s drinking water. Contact your state legislators and legislative leaders to pass ACR192 and block the Christie Administration's effort to weaken protections in the Highlands, the source of half of NJ's drinking water.

Images of the June Train Derailment in Baltimore. Credit - Jennifer Kunze / Clean Water Action

In June, residents of Baltimore woke to the news that a freight train carrying hazardous materials had derailed inside the Howard Street Tunnel, a century-old freight tunnel that runs for almost two miles underneath downtown Baltimore. 

Mackinac Bridge

Our Attorney General should be upholding our rights – including our right to safe, drinkable water and clean, breathable air. Disappointingly, he has been undermining those rights and putting polluting interests ahead of our health and environment.

Onion Creek, photo from City of Austin Watershed Protection

Contact your state legislators and TCEQ and tell them to reject the permit application for discharging 995,000 gallons of treated sewage into Onion Creek each day.

Big Agriculture

We’ve known since the 1970s that big agriculture is responsible for serious nitrate pollution problems in California, but until recently, state regulators have let them off the hook.

smoke from a coal-fired power plant / shutterstock, Ralf Broskvar

In order to protect communities where state government fails, the EPA is responsible for implementing plans to meet national standards regarding sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution.

Ask your legislators to continue to work to phase out toxic chemicals!

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