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Nasty Brown liquid discharged from a pipe. Photo credit: Dragana Gerasimoski / Shutterstock

For too long, polluters have been given a free pass to dump chemicals in our rivers, lakes, streams and bays.  Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to strengthen safeguards to limit harmful water pollution!

Convince the California Water Commission to think about the elephant in the room on water bond spending. 

Money in Politics Cover

The oil and gas industry, aided by the erosion of campaign finance laws and nearly boundless lobbying budgets, asserts enormous influence over legislative processes in real time while also enjoying legacy influence in regulatory frame- works. The results can be devastating to the health of the environment and the public.

Don't let these deep-pocketed responsible parties prevent the state from setting standards that ensure our drinking water is safe!

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After attempting to dismantle important flood and water protection rules, Governor Christie is now going after the NJ Highlands Act, an important law put in place to protect half of New Jersey's drinking water supplies. Tell the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to oppose any changes to the Highlands rules.

Grocery store, photo: (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Toxic phthalates are showing up in food all the time - especially in foods high in fat, including dairy, meats, and oils. In fact, food is the number one source of childhood exposure to phthalates, and a recent study shows that eating fast food can increase levels of phthalates in our bodies by 40%!

Images of the June Train Derailment in Baltimore. Credit - Jennifer Kunze / Clean Water Action

In June, residents of Baltimore woke to the news that a freight train carrying hazardous materials had derailed inside the Howard Street Tunnel, a century-old freight tunnel that runs for almost two miles underneath downtown Baltimore. 

Mackinac Bridge

Our Attorney General should be upholding our rights – including our right to safe, drinkable water and clean, breathable air. Disappointingly, he has been undermining those rights and putting polluting interests ahead of our health and environment.

pump jacks / photo: shutterstock, huyangshu

Legislation was recently passed (SB 279) that would derail sensible updated regulations for conventional oil and gas operations and enact an advisory council made up primarily of industry representatives.