Act Now

Senator Markey (D-MA) and the Wheel of Giveaways. Screenshot from CSPAN

Big polluters and their friends in Congress are pushing an extreme agenda to rollback vital laws, regulations, and funding that protect clean water, reduce air pollution, and fight climate change.

Pumpjacks with a methane flare in the background. Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Send a message to your Senators today. Tell them to reject the CRA Resolution to repeal the BLM Methane and Natural Gas Waste Rule.

Send a message to the Senate about Scott Pruitt

The Senate approved Scott Pruitt's nomination to be Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in a nearly party-line vote.

Scott Pruitt is a reckless choice to lead EPA.

Throughout his career he has consistently put the interests of corporate polluters and campaign donors before public health.

Amazon boxes / photo: (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Amazon received an “F” grade in the recent Mind the Store Retailer Report Card for failing to take actions to protect shoppers from toxic chemicals. Let Amazon know an “F” isn’t acceptable by sending your message today.

Solar panels, photo: istock

Don't let the Minnesota legislature slow down our solar and clean energy progress.

Mississippi River in Minnesota, photo: istock

Scientists should set water quality protections, not judges. Take action today and write to your state legislators.

Methane flare, black smoke. Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Pennsylvania’s rules to address methane emissions from new oil and gas operations were barely out for public comment when the State Senate introduced legislation to prevent their adoption. Senate Bill 175 sponsored by Sen. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny Co) would handcuff our ability to reduce methane by barring Pennsylvania from passing rules that are stronger than the federal government’s minimum standards.

Three glasses of water on a table. Photo credit:  bunyarit / Shutterstock

We are calling on legislators to require lead testing and compliance in our schools to keep our kids healthy. Take action now!