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Maryland. Anacostia River. Photo By Brent Bolin

Please urge your councilmember today to commit $10 million for FY 2018 – FY 2019 to continue progress on all Anacostia remediation projects. 

Trump. Credit Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

Tell President Trump and Scott Pruitt that you won't let them get away with  eliminating or weakening protections for the environment, clean water or public health.

Connecticut's bottle deposit law (a.k.a. the Bottle Bill) is a convenient and proven-effective way to increase recycling and keep our environment free from bottles and cans that would otherwise litter our roadways, beaches, and open spaces. According to national recycling data, states with deposit systems in place have container recycling rates that are more than twice as high as states without a bottle deposit, making the Bottle Bill one of the most effective environmental laws in Connecticut—ever!

Lake Superior / photo: Wendy Heath for Clean Water Action

Send a message to your U.S. Senators and Representative urging them to fully fund the GLRI, overdue infrastructure investments, and other important federal programs that protect our water, health, and the Great Lakes.

Stop Trumps' Deniers. Original photo credit: Shawn Hempel / Shutterstock

Stop Trump from rolling back health and environmental protections.

President Trump’s proposed budget would lead to more water and air pollution by slashing funding to programs that clean up New Jersey's toxic sites, protect our waterways, and restore our coastline.

New Jersey's U.S. Senators and Representatives have the power to protect funding for programs that keep our water and air clean and invest in clean energy. Make sure they stand strong against these extreme budget cuts.

Alarming numbers of trains carrying explosive crude oil have been traveling to transfer terminals in Baltimore City and through Maryland to refineries along the East Coast since 2012, with no comprehensive study of the extensive public safety, health, and environmental impacts that a leak or explosion would cause. The election of Donald Trump as U.S.

Onion Creek, Photo courtesy of

Contact your legislators today and tell them to support legislation (HB 3467 / SB S.B. 1796, and HB 3036) to ban future discharges of treated sewage into waterways within the Edwards Aquifer contributing and recharge zones.

Minnesota Capitol

Contact your legislators and Governor Dayton today. Ask them to defend attempts to weaken environmental protections and disrupt our path to clean energy!

paint stripper / photo: (CC BY 2.0)

Safer alternatives to dangerous toxic paint strippers are readily available—but we need the EPA to take action.