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Commonwealth Conversations Senate Listening tour

Massachusetts currently has two bills pending in the Legislature focused on putting a fair price on carbon pollution. Combined the bills have 79 co-sponsors — more than one-third of the Legislature. There is widespread support and strong momentum to pass a bill from previous years’ efforts .

In order to hear more directly from constituents, the Massachusetts State Senate is conducting a series of statewide forums in every corner of the state, known as Commonwealth Conversations.

The Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future is a diverse set of interest groups working together to advocate for the passage of state-wide carbon fee and rebate initiatives, which Clean Water Action coordinates. Legislators visited Ashland in the MetroWest region on Tuesday, April 4th, and heard from many constituents concerned about the effects of climate change and the future of our state including Janet Bowser, Board Director, Mass. Climate Action Network. Bowser addressed the Senators:

There are many solutions to address climate change, but putting a price on carbon pollution is one of the simplest and most effective approaches available. Putting a price on carbon will do the following 3 critical things: 1. Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help us meet our State's Global Warming Solutions Act mandates; 2. Strengthen our economy by keeping our energy dollars in state and create clean energy jobs; and 3. Help move Massachusetts away from its dependence on fossil fuels and towards clean energy sources. I urge members of the Massachusetts Legislature to support carbon pricing as a critical step towards creating a clean energy future and I want to thank Senator Barrett and Representative Benson for sponsoring such legislation and for their strong leadership on environmental protection.”

Follow this link to contact your legislators and voice your support for bills implementing carbon pricing, a clear and effective path forward in the fight against climate change and meeting our states’ greenhouse gas emission mandate targets. With the application of a price on carbon, Massachusetts has the opportunity to be a national policy leader for reducing harmful emissions from the use fossil fuels and safeguarding our communities from the harmful effects of climate change.

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