Pennsylvania Campaigns

Pumpjacks with a methane flare in the background. Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Protecting Pennsylvania from Oil and Gas Development

Clean Water Action believes strongly in Pennsylvanians' constitutional right to clean water and air. Clean Water Action is working to protect the health and environment of our communities from oil and gas operation's harmful impacts.

Oil and gas operations

Protecting Pennsylvania's Water from Oil and Gas Development

Clean Water Action is working to protect our drinking water from the variety of threats natural gas drilling poses. Clean Water Action has held treatment facilities accepting natural gas wastewater accountable, fought to improve the way state agencies handle water contamination complaints, and worked to expose the number of confirmed water contamination cases.

A construction crew on a street

Protecting our Waterways from Development

Clean Water Action believes that when new development is built next to rivers a forested buffer has proven to be the best way to protect water quality. Clean Water Action has advocated for requiring these protections on all Pennsylvania waterways but especially those streams and rivers that are classified as the best of the best. Clean Water Action has worked to identify weaknesses in government policies and partner with local governments to use zoning as a tool for implementing buffer requirements.

Power plant behind water spewing smoke. Photo credit: Martin Haas / Shutterstock

Protecting Communities from Toxic Emissions

Clean Water Action is partnering with residents who live near industrial sources to reduce toxic emissions that can lead health issues like cancer and asthma.

Plastic bags littering trees

Reducing Waste in Our Communities

Clean Water Action is working to clean up the trash that blights our communities and fouls our rivers and streams. Clean Water Action advocates for public policies and direct actions that result in reducing use of single use bags, increasing recycling by more people, waste reduction, and a movement towards zero waste.