Scott Pruitt will stop at nothing to maximize profits for polluting industries at the expense of public health and the environment

Washington, D.C. -- On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a supplement to the proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule. After initially proposing to repeal the Rule last summer, EPA has been unable to complete the rulemaking after more than a year of trying.

Clean Water Action National Water Programs Director, Jennifer Peters, released the following response:

"The Trump-Pruitt regime will stop at nothing to maximize profits for polluting industries at the expense of public health and the environment. The original proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule was so thin on science, law, and public support, that even small-time grifter Scott Pruitt knew it would fail.  Now, in an attempt to score points with corporate polluters, in a desperate effort to save his job, he’s doubling down on his effort to permanently repeal Clean Water Act protections for small streams and wetlands.

Unfortunately for him, nothing can change the fact that his  scheme to repeal the Clean Water Rule is based on misleading industry talking points and won’t stand up to science, the law, or public opinion. It won't change the fact that repealing these safeguards will put the drinking water sources for 1 in 3 people at risk, that the headwater streams that feed lakes and rivers will be in jeopardy, or that the wetlands that communities across the country rely on to filter groundwater and absorb floodwaters will lose clear Clean Water Act protections. There is no way to justify this action.

Scott Pruitt can try all of the new explanations he wants, but the bottom line is his reckless plan flies in the face of public opinion and disregards the concerns of millions of Americans. It will create confusion for communities, small businesses, and the government about which waters deserve protections. This supplemental proposal is a shoddy attempt to paper over a dangerous scheme that puts polluter profits before our water and health."


Since our founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to the table. We will protect clean water in the face of attacks from a polluter friendly Administration and Congress.

Michael Kelly