A Huge Victory for Our Water in Texas and Across the Nation

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Austin - Today the Obama administration released its long awaited Clean Water Rule. The rule closes loopholes that have left the drinking water sources for 1 in 5 Texans at risk of pollution and destruction. Today's release of the Clean Water Rule is the culmination of more than 12 years of advocacy by Clean Water Action, its members, and its allies.

Clean Water Action's Texas Director, David Foster, released this statement:

"Two out of every five Texans rely on streams and wetlands to feed the sources of their drinking water. And communities across Texas count on these water to power their economies and support jobs, protect their neighborhoods from flooding, filter pollutants, and recharge groundwater supplies. That is why the Clean Water Rule is so important.

Protecting wetlands is essential to safeguarding our communities from flooding. As we have seen recently, the right storm system can wreak havoc through flash floods as the ground becomes too saturated. Healthy wetlands can mitigate flooding by capturing millions of gallons of flood water. Even with the recent rains, we know drought is likely to return. We need to do everything we can to protect our existing water resources. The Clean Water Rule is the tool we need to do just that.

The Clean Water Rule protects the water bodies that are provide drinking water and support small business, and support jobs across Texas - it is vital. We have fought for more than 12 years to close the loopholes that left so many streams and wetlands vulnerable to pollution and destruction.  We mobilized tens of thousands of Texans to take a stand for clean water. We partnered with local elected officials, businesses, and community organizations.  We spoke with one voice to say it's past time to protect clean water.

Yesterday vital parts of our water infrastructure which filter pollution and protect our communities from flooding were at risk. Today they are protected. The Clean Water Rule is a huge victory for clean water."


Clean Water Action is a national citizens' organization working for clean, safe, and affordable water, and prevention of health-threatening pollution. www.cleanwater.org

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