Fairlawn, NJ Superfund Cleanup Announcement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, October 5, 2018

CONTACT: Eric Benson, Campaign Organizer, Clean Water Action, ebenson@cleanwater.org, 973-744-3005

Statement of Eric Benson

Clean Water Action is pleased to join Congressman Gottheimer in announcing that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking another step forward in their action plan to clean up the Fairlawn Industrial Park Superfund site in Fairlawn, NJ.

At this superfund site Fisher, Sandvick, and Eastman Kodak Company contaminated local drinking water with PFOAS, dioxin and other toxins. Exposure could disproportionately and negatively impact our most vulnerable including women, children, and the elderly.

Dioxins are likely carcinogenic, can cause reproductive and developmental problems, and damage the immune system. PFOAS can affect growth and development and injure the liver.  Both dangerous chemicals persist in our environment and bodies for long periods of time. Action by the EPA at this site is critical and long overdue to protecting our health and restoring confidence in our tap water. Clean Water Action is pleased that the EPA is holding polluters accountable to cleaning up the mess they created.

Superfund sites are toxic legacies that burden local communities and their economies for decades. How can we prevent tragedies like this in other communities? Preventing pollution in the first place is the common sense approach. It is cheaper and protects the public and environment from future harm. But when the damage is already done, we need the superfund program and to clean up the toxic legacy we already have especially in NJ.  

We need more people like Representative Gottheimer fighting for EPA funding and enforcement in Washington so we can continue to see more superfund sites getting cleaned up and no more toxic sites being created.


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Eric Benson