Stop Tillerson - Letter to the Senate

January 10, 2017

Dear Chairman Corker and Ranking Member Cardin:

We are writing you with deep concern about the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. While we understand that the President-elect chooses a Cabinet, the Constitution clearly vests the Senate with an appropriate check to ensure that key appointees meet the highest standards.

Mr. Tillerson's nomination raises deep and unanswered concerns regarding corporate influence over the government, personal conflicts of interest, and questionable ties to foreign governments and officials.

While hearings should address these concerns, given Mr.Tillerson’s known corporate record and his extensive ties to ExxonMobil and other corporations and foreign governments whose interests and values often conflict with those of the United States, we believe he does not meet the standards required of a Secretary of State.

We urge you to reject his nomination.

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