Clean water is the foundation for healthy & prosperous communities. While our nation has made significant progress since the 1970’s in cleaning up many of our rivers, bays and other vital water resources, we still face significant water quality and quantity challenges. Drinking water sources are threatened by pollution and overconsumption, and some of these threats are made worse by climate change.


Protect Virginia's Waterways From Toxic Coal Ash!

Coal ash, waste produced when coal is burned for energy, contains toxic heavy metals that have contaminated local waterways in the Commonwealth due to unsafe, unstable storage ponds.

Recent Actions

Help protect our lakes and rivers from chloride pollution

As Minnesotans, we love our waters – it’s part of who we are. But lakes and creeks in our cities are getting a bit salty. It’s time for the state to address this issue and take legislative action to address salt pollution. Take Action Now!

Tell Pittsburgh City Council to Invest in Green Infrastructure today!

Tell your City Councilor to make an investment into our communities by helping to fund the final design of this amazing green infrastructure project!

Stop the Dirty Water Agenda

Big polluters and their friends in Congress are pushing an extreme agenda to rollback vital laws, regulations, and funding that protect clean water, reduce air pollution, and fight climate change.

Pledge to hold Michigan Legislators Accountable!

Pledge today to hold your elected officials accountable for their record on issues that affect our water and health.


Press Releases

January 31, 2018

"Trump administration is showing it would rather rig the system against clean water and public health. This outrageous delay threatens the livelihoods of families, businesses, and communities that rely on streams, wetlands, and the drinking water sources the Clean Water Rule is meant to protect."

January 30, 2018

"The President made it clear tonight that his presidency will not change, that it is nothing more than scam to hand over our water, air and public lands to corporations, while selling out the American people."

January 30, 2018

"President Trump's first year is nothing to celebrate. His dirty water presidency has left this nation more polluted, more corrupt, and more at risk than it has been in years, and he looks likely to continue down this path of division and decline. But we're not going to let that happen."


Water Blog Posts

Polluter water, cars. Courtesy of Documerica
February 9, 2018

Third, the book elevated those local experiences and the leaders fighting locally for clean water to advocate directly for strong protections, funding and enforcement through the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and other laws.

David Zwick Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
February 8, 2018

David knew that an organizer's job is never really done and he made sure everyone knew that. We can’t get comfortable just because you won one fight, or two or ten. We have to keep organizing and educating and engaging. We have to stay involved. It's the only way to protect our water, our health, our families. 

State of Pollution graphic
January 30, 2018

Polluted, corrupt, opaque, in denial - our union is all of those things right now. But it won't stay that way. Because we won't let it.