Helping Elect Pro-Environmental Candidates to Congress

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With Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump dismantling key environmental protections the U.S. has relied on for over forty years, we need a Congress that will stand up for safe drinking water, clean air, and a strong green economy.

Unfortunately, too many in Congress are supporting Pruitt’s anti-environment agenda – and are enabling the reversal of more than 60 environmental rules.

That’s why Clean Water Action is working so hard to elect pro-environment lawmakers this November. More than ever, we need U.S. Representatives who will support commonsense water and air protections. This year, more than ever, every vote for the environment matters.

In New Jersey, it is clear which candidates will stand up for the environment and firmly against Pruitt who caters to big polluters. In the 3rd,  5th, and 11th congressional districts, the choices – between pro-environment and pro-Pruitt candidates – could not be more stark. Clean Water Action enthusiastically endorses Andy Kim (CD-3), Josh Gottheimer (CD-5), and Mikie Sherill (CD-11), for Congress this fall! The endorsement in CD-7 is currently in process. 

Andy Kim for Congress - 3rd Congressional District

New Jersey_Clean Water Action_Endorsements_Andy KimAndy Kim will fight against offshore drilling, which puts New Jersey’s shores, recreational and commercial fishing industries, and local businesses at risk. He will support investments in renewable energy, increasing job opportunities for NJ residents. Finally, Andy will oppose the reversal of US. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) environmental rules. As he notes, “exiting the Paris Climate Agreement and gutting the Environmental Protection Agency are hurting all of us.”

Josh Gottheimer for Congress - 5th Congressional District

Clean Water Action_Endorsements_New Jersey_Josh Gottheimer_Campaign PhotoIn the 5th Congressional District, Josh Gottheimer will ensure that the EPA has the resources to remediate Superfund sites – areas which pose risks to human health and the environment. New Jersey has more Superfund sites than any other state, and Josh will work to clean up those sites. Josh will also protect New Jersey families from toxic drinking water. In his first  term, Josh introduced the bipartisan Lead-Free Schools Act, which increase resources for eliminating lead from schools’ drinking water.

Mikie Sherrill for Congress - 11th Congressional District

Clean Water Action_Endorsements_New Jersey_Mikie Sherrill_Campaign PhotoIn the 11th Congressional District, Mikie Sherill is committed to protecting the Clean Water Act, which keeps our drinking water and recreational areas free of harmful pollutants. She will work to expand green job opportunities by encouraging federal support for the development of New Jersey’s offshore wind capacity that will reduce New Jersey’s dependency on pipelines and imported oil and gas.

Clean Water Action’s field canvass is hard at work this summer letting New Jersey residents know who the clear environmental choice is in their district. For more information, or to learn how you can to help get these candidates elected, please contact Eric Benson: