February 6, 2018

On behalf of our millions of members, we write to express our opposition to Section 402 of the Senate tax extenders bill, which expands Section 45Q tax credits for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) while simultaneously removing environmental protections.

January 31, 2018

Big Oil companies’ push to extract and refine more extreme forms of oil has led to unprecedented transport of explosive and climate-polluting crude oil on our nation’s rail lines.

Crude oil train traffic grew 5,100 percent from 2008 to 2014 due to the rapid increase in fracking for oil in the Bakken shale fields of North Dakota and in tar sands oil extraction in Canada. An alarming number of derailments and explosions across North America has followed.

January 24, 2018

Our organizations, along with our millions of members and supporters, urge you to oppose the inclusions of damaging ideological riders in any final spending legislation for Fiscal Year 2018, including those that attack much needed clean water protections.

January 22, 2018

In Support of:

Drinking Water Infrastructure

WHEREAS, water is a fundamental component of modern society, supporting a range of essential activities for consumers and businesses;

WHEREAS, public and private water and wastewater systems in the United States deliver clean water for drinking and removing and treating wastewater from homes using a complex infrastructure of plants, pumps, and pipes;

January 22, 2018

A Resolution Supporting


WHEREAS, of the over 80,000 chemicals in commerce only 200 of these chemicals have been tested for their effect on human health or the environment; and

WHEREAS, toxic chemicals such as flame retardants, BPA, formaldehyde and others continue to be found in consumer products, posing a risk to public health and water quality; and

January 22, 2018

A Resolution Supporting


WHEREAS, the public has a right to a healthful environment and to be free of the health and environmental hazards posed by the chemical exposures and other dangers from recycled tire mulch and crumb rubber; and

January 22, 2018

A Resolution Supporting


WHEREAS, Minnesota is on a path to clean energy, but is still over dependent on coal which still fuels nearly half of Minnesota’s electricity; and

WHEREAS, the combustion of fossil fuels, through direct emissions and through secondary climate change impacts poses a threat to human and environmental health globally through increased air and water pollution, sea level rise, climate-driven drought and extreme weather events, and accelerated loss of species and habitats; and

Minnesota Currents - Fall 2017
November 27, 2017

In this issue: Flame Retardants Remain Under Fire; Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Buffalo, NY; Governor Dayton’s 25% by 2025 Water Quality Town Halls Wrapped Up in October; Asking Tough Questions About Minnesota Schools; Preventing Chloride from Damaging Minnesota Water

Pennsylvania Currents - Fall 2017
November 17, 2017

In this issue: A Clean Budget for Pennsylvania; Protect the Clean Water Rule for Pennsylvania’s Waters; Protect Vulnerable Communities from Lead Exposure; Green Infrastructure in Pittsburgh; Are Your Legislators Voting to Protect Our Water?

November 16, 2017

On behalf of our millions of members and activists, we write to urge you to oppose the Republican leadership’s tax legislation. This plan would lavish huge tax cuts to the richest 1% and corporate polluters that are destined to be paid for by the health and environmental well- being of communities across the country.