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August 23, 2019

Join us for a fun evening at Charm City Meadworks as we test your knowledge of water: how it works, what it's doing, and where it's going. Questions may include former and current policy priorities at Clean Water Action, a little history, pop culture, the Chesapeake Bay clean up, and Maryland waterways.

Winners will enjoy prizes provided by Charm City Meadworks.

Come with your own team, join one of ours, or make up one when you arrive on Wednesday, October 9th.

srl pipeline construction
August 22, 2019

On the final day for public comments on New Jersey's draft Energy Master Plan, we will march from Bordentown, NJ (near SRL pipeline construction) to Trenton (where our key decision makers work). We are demanding a halt on SRL pipeline construction and an immediate moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects in NJ.

MA_clean energy_video rollout image.png
August 21, 2019

Environmental justice (EJ) communities –– low-income communities, people of color and immigrant populations –– are paying the deepest price for our economy’s addiction to fossil fuels. Not only do they bear the physical burden of pollution, with high rates of asthma and cardiovascular disease, but they also have the greatest barriers to accessing clean energy that reduces pollution and saves us all money on our energy and healthcare bills.

Toxic_Chemicals_Girl_Holding_Sign_at_Capitol_970 x 590_Photo Credit Clean Water Action
August 21, 2019

More than 80,000 chemicals are currently used in the United States, and most haven’t been adequately tested for their effects on human health.

August 20, 2019

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –  In advance of today’s State Water Board hearing to discuss implementation of the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, Phoebe Seaton, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability; Jonathan Nelson, Policy Director, Community Water Center; and Jennifer Clary, Water Programs Manager, Clean Water Action released the following statement:

August 19, 2019

“I hired Sean in 2011 to join our field canvass. Little did I know then what an integral part of the organization he would become over the next eight years,” said Mary Brady-Enerson, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. “Every time I’ve asked for more from Sean he has grabbed the added responsibility and run with it. His passion for and dedication to Clean Water Action’s mission is hard to match. I look forward to seeing Sean grow and excel in this new role.”

NJ_RethinkDisposable_PlasticWaste_AdobeStock Photo
August 15, 2019

Clean Water Action State Director, Amy Goldsmith, testified at the joint annual meeting of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee and Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee. This year’s hearing focused on the state of recycling in New Jersey.

August 14, 2019

From dangerous heatwaves combined with exceeding smog pollution, to destructive flash flooding events and toxic algae blooms closing our largest freshwater lakes, New Jersey is feeling the impacts of our climate and ecological emergency.

The increasing urgency of our climate crisis is why Governor Murphy campaigned on a plan to move New Jersey quickly onto 100% clean energy. Yet his draft Energy Master Plan (EMP) released last month fails to meet the urgency with which we must act, and in many cases makes the problems we face even worse.

Lake Michigan, photo:  (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
August 13, 2019

From E. coli and PFAS in our water to dark money in our politics, there are lots of opportunities and issues to engage in in Oakland County. Come to our monthly meetings to learn about some of these issues and how you can take action. You will learn how to participate in our democracy and protect our water, as well as meeting other awesome people in your county! 

Join us in Community Room A in the Waterford Twp Public Library.

August 12, 2019

In the next few decades, how and where Frederick County grows will have enormous impacts on improvement or decline in air and water quality, how much County residents contribute to climate change, and how the County adapts to the changing climate around us.  Frederick County is in the process of writing the Livable Frederick Master Plan, a document to envision what the County will look like in 2040 and the steps we should take to get there. Download the document and read more about that process here.