What is the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut?

Baby with a toy in her mouth. Photo: Sze Fei Wong / iStock

Connecticut residents want to protect ourselves and those we love, preventing harm especially to babies and young children. Our homes and our bodies should be safe from unwanted and dangerous intrusion. But there's a toxic problem putting our health at risk.

Many manufactured products, and the processes used to make them, rely on thousands of dangerous substances and compounds that were unknown or little used as recently as fifty years ago. We're all involuntarily exposed to these toxics every day. We inhale them, eat them and drink them all the time.

Many of these substances accumulate in our bodies, and can harm developing infants and children. Some cause or contribute to diseases such as cancer and asthma. Nobody knows for sure how all the substances already in use are affecting us, but we do know that new ones are being added to a wide range of products every year.

Clean Water Action is determined to make Connecticut a leader on replacing toxic chemicals with safer alternatives. With our partners in the Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Connecticut, we are calling for action to reduce dangerous toxic threats.

Learn more about our current campaigns and how to get involved by visiting our website, www.safehealthyct.org or by giving us a call (860) 232-6232.