Stop the Sell Off of Our Public Lands

Stop Pendley and Bernhardt

The Trump administration officially nominated William Perry Pendley, an ardent advocate for the disposal and sell-off of public lands, to be director of the Bureau of Land Management, doubling down on his culture of corruption at the Department of the Interior by stacking the agency with swampy deputies. Pendley has spent his career working to sell out public lands to corporate polluters. He has a decades-long history as a leader in the land-seizure movement and will continue Secretary Bernhardt’s coordinated agenda to weaken the protections for public lands and national parks.

Pendley is a fox guarding the hen house and is unfit to oversee the agency tasked with   overseeing our public lands. The Senate should reject his nomination.

More Conflicted than his Boss?

Secretary Bernhardt has been the most conflicted member of the Trump Administration, with a list of ethics recusals from working with former clients so long that he carried a card to keep track of them all. But Pendley may have topped him, with recent news that he issued a seventeen page list of recusals that includes 57 businesses, trade groups, and individuals from whom he is recused from doing business with. Has the original Swamp Creature been dethroned?

Bernhardt, Pendley, & Associates

On September 30, 2019 Clean Water Fund highlighted the expiration of Pendley's term as acting BLM Director with a visibility event featuring real estate sign spinners outside the Department of Interior. The real estate firm of Bernhardt, Pendely, & Associates is working hard to lease and sell off our public lands to benefit corporate polluters in the oil and gas industry.

Stop Pendley from selling off public lands