Make Your Voice Heard - Meet with your Congressional Representatives

Large group of people as seen from above. Credit: Stockernumber2 / iStock

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It's easy to ignore an email, delete a voicemail, or hang up the phone. It's a lot harder for elected officials to ignore you when you are standing in front of them. Join with community activists in your area to hold your legislators accountable when they have in-district town hall events or see if you can meet with them on your own. Here's how:

Step 1: Find out how to contact your Representative or Senators. Then ask when they will hold public meetings or are available to meet with constituents.

Step 2: Check out our Congressional Vote Tracker for information on key environmental votes in the House and Senate. Follow the links within the vote count for detailed vote information from and see how your legislators voted.

Step 3: Plan out a question to ask, or a statement to make if you have an opportunity. Here's a sample, but you should customize it where you can:

I have been dismayed by what Congress is doing. It seems like you're putting the profits of campaign donors before the health of our communities - and that is unacceptable. We need more protections for our environment, not fewer. Please support clean water, clean air and healthy communities and reject any attempts to weaken safeguards for public health.  

President Trump's EPA is in the process of gutting protections for drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans - will you join me to protect clean water by supporting the Clean Water Rule? There are other issues - the Clean Power Plan, which is vital in our fight against climate pollution; and EPA’s budget for putting laws into action to protect health and natural resources and responding to crises, such as lead contamination - that are at risk. Can I count on you to push back against efforts to commonsense safeguards? Please stand with people like me, not polluters.

Other things to talk about:

The Clean Water Rule

Clean water is a really important issue to me. I am concerned about some of what I have heard from President Trump and Republicans in Congress. Please do whatever you can to stop EPA's effort to cancel the Clean Water Rule and propose a weaker protection for streams and wetlands. The Clean Water Rule is about protecting the drinking water sources for millions of Americans. It's a commonsense safeguard supported by a majority of Americans like me. Cities and towns rely on clean water and small business like breweries can't succeed without it. Getting rid of the Clean Water Rule is just a big free pass for polluters to profit off of the destruction of vital streams and wetlands. We can't afford that. Can I count on you?

Climate Change

I'm worried about what we're going to do about climate change now that President Trump is in charge. We have made so much progress in the past few years - we can't turn back now. The President might deny it, but climate change is real and it's impacting public health and water right now. The last thing we need to be doing is walking away from action. We have led the world toward clean energy and all of the jobs that come along with that future. Can I count on you to fight against the President and your colleagues who want to stop our momentum?

Their voting record so far.

Find out how your elected officials have been voting on a lot of environmental and public health issues here. Then ask them about why they have been voting to weaken protecions (if they have) or thank them for representing your interests instead of polluters (if they have).

Step 4: Let us know how it went! Use the form below to let us know if you attended a town hall or met your Representative or Senators (or their staff ) at their office, if you asked a question, or if clean air and clean water was even discussed at all.