DTE Energy

smoke from a coal-fired power plant

DTE Energy owns and operates four of the nine oldest coal plants in Michigan, including Trenton Channel and River Rouge. These plants lack the modern pollution controls required by federal environmental regulations.

Over the past several years, the cost of coal has increased significantly while renewable energy is declining in cost. Our over-dependence on outdated, dirty coal has kept Michigan from moving forward and left DTE Energy’s customers struggle to pay ever-increasing electric bills, all while endangering public health and our Great Lakes way of life. In this challenging economy, DTE Energy must move boldly and deliberately toward a clean energy future while ensuring that its customers are protected from costly electric bills.  

In June of 2014, DTE Energy was forced to announce plans to close two of its units at the Trenton Channel Power Plant by 2016. In previous years, six other units have been closed, leaving units 7A, 8 and 9. Due to pressure from Clean Water Action, coalition partners, community members and the looming presence of EPA regulation 111D; DTE plans to close 7A and 8, leaving only unit 9 in operation. Combined, units 7A and 8 will remove 220 MW of coal capacity. The shutdown of the remaining unit 9, and closing or transition of the facility remain a priority for Clean Water Action moving forward.