Book a free Lead in Drinking Water Workshop for your community!

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Do you know about the history of lead in drinking water? Do you know about how many dollars are lost to the public health consequences of ingesting lead at the tap? Did you know that you can find out whether or not you have a lead service line by yourself in about ten minutes?

Since our drinking water program began in 2018 - we’ve had the privilege of connecting with community members, local groups, and city officials to spread information about lead in drinking water and work in collaboration to create lead service line replacement programs that make sure that everyone can someday have access to lead free drinking water. And we want to expand these conversations even more. That’s why we’re launching a free popular education series on lead in drinking water.

Whether it’s just you, your friends, , family, or a community group/ organization (including a few concerned neighbors!) we’ll create a workshop tailored to your concerns, needs, and interests.  During the session you’ll learn about how lead gets into drinking water, the consequences to human health, how to identify a lead service line in your own home, and how to protect yourself from lead in drinking water short and long term. These presentations are meant to be fun and collaborative, so expect to be engaged! All that you have to do is fill out the form below - and we’ll follow up shortly.

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