Clean Water

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Clean Water:

Resist environmental policy and budget rollbacks - largely won over the past 40 years due to our grassroots action. Advance additional public health and clean water protections from watershed to watertap. Ensure that drinking water is safe, affordable and available to all whether at home, school or workplace. Protect those who are most vulnerable to the impacts of pollution harms.


Selected Past Accomplishments:

  • Secured federal clean water rule that ensures the protection of waterways that serve as the drinking water of 1 in 3 people in the US. 

  • Passed legislation to block the recent weakening of NJ’s flood hazard and Highlands rules that reduce flooding risks state-wide and protect the drinking water supply for more than half of New Jersey, respectively. 

  • Organized opposition to proposed draconian cuts to EPA and other critical federal programs that protect the environment, promote green energy, and address climate impacts. Conducted door to door outreach effort, town meetings, press conferences that generated nearly 10,000 handwritten letters to key officials. 

Future Focus:

  • Reverse recent (2010-17) efforts in NJ that weaken, and would otherwise advance, Clean Water Act-related protections (flood hazard, wetlands, Highlands, water supply, and water quality management plans and rules). Through active public engagement, defend hard won and long standing national protections and funding that are now being threatened.
  • Make NJ an environmental leader again including the establishment of science-based drinking water standards to protect against lead contamination, radon and the hundreds of unregulated contaminants prevalent in New Jersey water. Organize public pressure on the next governor to act swiftly on this and other proactive environmental & health measures.

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