Tell Burger King: Stop making toxic trash!

Tell Burger King: Hold the side of chemicals!

Our water shouldn't be contaminated for Whopper wrappers.

PFAS chemicals are dangerous. They’ve been linked to increased risk for certain cancers, immune system suppression, and reduced birth weight. Recent testing found that these chemicals are likely being used in packaging for multiple items at Burger King—including the Whopper. And they sell more than 2 million Whoppers a day!

These chemicals can contaminate the food inside—but before that, they can pollute the communities where the chemicals and packaging are made. And after the packaging holds food briefly, it can pollute the communities where the trash is eventually dumped or burned.

But change is possible - after tens of thousands of people like you called on McDonald’s to stop using toxic PFAS chemicals in food packaging, the company agreed to do it!

Clean Water Action is teaming up with Mind The Store once again to make sure their competitor Burger King does the same thing. If we can get two of the biggest fast-food chains in the world to make this change, it will have a huge impact on the industry—and build momentum for state and nationwide bans.

Tell Burger King to stop polluting the world with its toxic trash!