We need a Michigan budget that protects the Great Lakes and our health

Great Lakes / photo: flickr.com/gsfc (CC BY 2.0)

In early March, Governor Whitmer announced her first state budget proposal. Much of the press coverage of Governor Whitmer’s budget so far has focused on her proposal to increase the gas tax by 45 cents per gallon ovcritical road infrastructure investments. The focus on a single aspect of the budget has resulted in several key components of the budget proposal, which would have significant impacts on our water, being neglected.

The Governor’s proposal includes $120 million to address water infrastructure and water contamination issues, plus an additional $60 million earmarked for lead-free hydration stations in Michigan schools. Our water infrastructure has been neglected in Michigan for far too long. While more funding is needed to fully rebuild our water infrastructure and address contamination issues, this is the most significant investment in water infrastructure that has been proposed in Michigan in at least the last twenty years. This funding is absolutely necessary, and state lawmakers must work to ensure that it is included in the final budget.

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