Urge Governor Baker to say no to fracked gas

Pipeline / photo: Graphic Stock

The Merrimack Valley gas disaster was harrowing. Since then, repairs have been slowed by a management lockout of workers and a stop work order while new dangerous gas leaks all over the state have been reported. Columbia Gas says it will be up to a month late in restoring heat and hot water in Merrimack Valley residents’ homes this winter.  Despite the clear dangers and harms created by our gas system, Charlie Baker has not pledged to stop building new fracked gas pipelines.

Fracking pollutes the air and water near drilling sites, has been linked to increased seismic activity, and exposes communities to extreme health risks. Building new pipelines would lock us into 20 years of increased carbon emissions as the climate crisis around the world accelerates.

Tell Governor Baker that you don’t want new fracked gas pipelines in Massachusetts.