Tell the Senate: Protect Our Freedom to Vote

Let's Take Our Democracy Back

Reforming our democracy is essential to protecting our water, taking bold action to address the climate crisis, and protecting our communities. The influence of corporate special interests has slowed or even reversed progress cleaning up toxic chemicals, safeguarding drinking water sources, and holding polluters accountable. As Clean Water Action documented in 2016 and 2017, the fossil fuel industry has used its dark money to weaken protections, skirt accountability, and enrich itself while putting our water at risk and contributing greatly to the climate crisis.

That’s why we support legislation in Congress that will protect our freedom to vote. The Senate is debating transformative legislation that is what we need to reinvigorate our democracy and ensure that the people’s voice is heard loud and clear. We need to make sure this legislation passes.


The Freedom to Vote Act and the Voting Rights Advancement Act will:

  • Expand and protect voting rights and access to the ballot, guaranteeing everyone and equal say in the decisions that impact us. 
  • Ensure that voters choose their leaders, not the other way around by ending partisan gerrymandering.
  • Reduce the impact of dark money on our elections.
  • Makes Election Day a National holiday

Those are just a few of the most important provisions. This transformative legislation also restores voting rights to formerly incarcerated people who have served their sentences, protects elections officials from partisan influence, and will make it harder for states to undermine our freedom to vote.

We, the people, made our voices heard in record numbers in the 2020 elections and have continued to fight for change to protect our rights since. Unfortunately states like Texas and Georgia have passed dangerous laws that will disenfranchise voters and small group of Senators had blocked other bills that would have safeguarded and expanded access to the ballot. It's time for action -- if we truly want to protect clean water, safeguard our communities, and address the climate crisis, we must reform and strengthen our democracy.

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