Tell Pittsburgh City Council to Invest in Green Infrastructure today!

Allegheny River, Pittsburgh skyline. photo: Clean Water Action

Federal Regulators have given us just 3-4 years to prove that we want a green first solution to solve our problems with dumping sewage into our three rivers. That's a short time to prove that we want cleaner water, community benefits and reduced flooding and we need to start now. Tell your City Councilor that concept plans and demonstration projects are not enough - we need a science based, watershed wide, working installation and we need it NOW.

Fortunately, the Four Mile Run Green Infrastructure Project in Schenley Park is just such a project and is very close to being shovel ready. For a $30 million investment the Four Mile Run can deliver as much as $300 million in storm water reduction benefits.  That’s almost one BILLION gallons of sewage that will be kept out of our rivers every year!   This project will also beautify our parks and communities, and drastically reduce flooding in Greenfield.

This can’t happen unless the City of Pittsburgh, ALCOSAN, PWSA, and the major Oakland institutions like CMU, Pitt and UPMC step up and make the investments to make the project a reality.

Tell your City Councilor to make an investment into our communities by helping to fund the final design of this amazing green infrastructure project!