Take action to stop the plastic crisis upstream and downstream!

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Contact your legislators today, and tell them to support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging!

Single-use plastics are polluting our environment, littering our waterways, and piling up nationwide. The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) estimates that the landfill in Rhode Island will reach capacity by 2034. That’s only 12 years away! To extend its lifespan and protect our environment, we have to reduce the volume of waste that we create.  

The public is becoming more aware of the problems with plastic waste, and people are making the switch to reusable products. This doesn’t work for the petrochemical lobby who profit off of our addiction to single-use disposable plastic. That’s why they are pushing so-called “advanced recycling” facilities: to try to scam us into believing that plastic can be reused. But these facilities don’t work at scale in the real world, so the product they create is often just burned as a fossil fuel. Worse, not only are these facilities failing at recycling plastic, they are polluting their neighboring communities.

The real solution is to hold plastic manufacturers responsible for the entire lifecycle of the products and packaging they produce. That’s why Clean Water Action supports Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation. EPR programs hold plastics manufacturers responsible for the waste they produce rather than forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for plastics disposal. This can come in the form of fees paid by producers to fund reuse and recycling infrastructure and can also include mandated reductions in packaging and/or mandated increased recyclability of packaging to reduce the amount of plastic waste being produced. Overall, the goal is to incentivize manufacturers to create less waste by holding them responsible for the entire lifecycle of the products and packaging they create.

Take action! Tell your legislators to support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) next session!