Prioritize Environmental Protection in the Next Legislative Session

Minnesota Capitol building (istock, fotoguy22)

Throughout legislative session, extreme partisanship shaped the way business was conducted, most of it late at night and behind closed doors. Despite Governor Dayton urging the legislature to keep policy out of finance bills, large omnibus bills like the Omnibus Energy and Jobs and Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources bills were passed containing policies that might have otherwise been unable to pass on their own.

Take action today and urge your legislators to prioritize clean water, the environment and public health.

Most Minnesotans support stronger regulations that protect air and water quality. This year, the Legislature showed us that they didn’t take that into account by passing laws that stall our progress on clean energy and deteriorate the state’s environmental protections, including provisions to:

  • Preempt local governments from enacting ordinances that regulate the use of plastic bags;
  • Exempt small utilities Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program;
  • Allow polluters to write their own draft Environmental Impact StatementLimit the right of residents to contest a permit to mine.

As decisions made by President Trump and his administration jeopardize the quality of our air, water and public health, the role of our state government is indispensable. We need our legislators to put partisanship aside and prioritize passing meaningful legislation to protect our health and environment.

Help us send a strong message by contacting your legislators!