Pass a Recycled Content Bill in New Jersey!

NJ Plastic Trash Canva

Good news! The NJ Senate passed the Recycled Content Bill (S2515) to require post-consumer recycled content in packaging and to strengthen the market for recyclable materials. This is a huge step toward keeping new fossil fuel-derived plastics out of the waste stream! Now the Assembly needs to act on companion bill A4676. This bill will help set a standard for recycling across the entire northeast. 

Meanwhile, the chemical lobby is pushing state legislatures across the country (including NJ) to promote “advanced” or “chemical” recycling, also known as gasification or pyrolysis, but more appropriately named plastics-to-fuel. These technologies take plastics and break them down into their chemical components to be burned as fossil fuels. This would eliminate any incentive to stop producing single-use plastics and to fix our existing recycling infrastructure.