A Green First Investment for the Pittsburgh Region


The Allegheny County Sanitation Authority (ALCOSAN) recently unveiled their EPA approved plan to address billions of gallons of raw sewage that gets dumped into our three rivers, polluting them. Right now, the plan calls for spending $2 billion to upgrade our regional stormwater system. Much of that money will go toward expanding the capacity of the existing ALCOSAN treatment plant and installing miles of tunnels underground.

Some funds will support the expansion of the Green Revitalization of Our Waterways (GROW) program, which helps municipalities fund the creation and redevelopment of green infrastructure. But on an investment this large it’s just a drop in the bucket. We need large scale green solutions that will make a difference!

Your money is valuable and it should be used on strategies that improve your quality of life by addressing flooding, basement backups, landslides, or climate change like green infrastructure would.

Take Action! Submit comments to let EPA know we want a green first approach that will enhance our communities and address the public health and safety threats posed by improper stormwater management.