Fully Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund!

Crater Lake

Passage of permanent reauthorization in March 2019 was a huge victory for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), for stakeholders around the country, and for bipartisan cooperation in Congress.  Investments in our public lands and recreation opportunities support local economies and fuel a massive, homegrown, $887 billion outdoor industry.

Unfortunately, permanent reauthorization is only half the battle - Congress also needs to fully and permanently fund LWCF. Without committing to full and permanent funding, Congress will continue to be able to use LWCF as a slush fund by not allocating the full $900 million authorized for the program. LWCF has been around for more than half a century, but in that time more than half its intended funding—more than $22 billion in total— has been raided for other, non-conservation purposes. Public lands are for all of us, whether they be neighborhood parks or national parks, and we should not have to fight every year to fund them.

Congress is working on spending bills right now and the current Senate budget only includes about half of the full funding amount. Fortunately there is a bipartisan group of Senators leading the fight to fully fund LWCF in the coming budget, and to permanently enact full funding for the program.

Help those who are leading the fight in Congress by telling your representatives that you support full and permanent for LWCF, and that you want them to fight for it.

Send a message to your Representative today!