EPA just made it easier for polluters to poison our nation’s water -- take action!

Stop the water polluter loophole!

Help us stop the latest assault on our water and health! 

Trump’s EPA claims it can’t protect our nation’s rivers, lakes, and bays from pollution if that pollution travels through groundwater. Yet the agency has protected our nation’s waters from this type of pollution for decades, because previous administrations understood that it doesn’t make sense for the Clean Water Act to cover pollution dumped from a pipe into a river, but not pollution that flows through groundwater into that same river.

To exclude this type of pollution from the Clean Water Act would blast open a loophole to benefit heavy polluting industries at the expense of public health and water quality. EPA should immediately withdraw its pro-polluter scheme that would allow industries to launder their dangerous pollution through groundwater in order to avoid getting a permit. 

The EPA is taking comments on this reckless scheme until June 7, 2019. Tell EPA to withdraw this polluter loophole that will leave our water at risk.