Austin Can Conserve Water with Water Forward!


The Austin City Council is holding a public hearing on July 29 on a suite of measures that will save water customers money, build resilience to climate change, and help make sure Austin will have the water it needs as it grows. These measures, part of the city’s long-range water supply plan called Water Forward, will require large new developments to capture and use onsite AC condensate, rainwater, and other water streams for irrigation, toilet flushing, and more.

Using these onsite water streams for non-potable needs will help stretch supply in the drought-prone region, reduce energy needed to procure and distribute water, and help keep water bills in check by delaying the moment when Austin needs to make additional payments to the Lower Colorado River Authority for water it withdraws from the Colorado River. It will also lower water bills for people living in or using the buildings by reducing the amount of potable water they need to purchase from the city. Retaining rainwater and stormwater onsite has the added advantage of mitigating flooding and limiting the amount of polluted runoff into local waterways.

As Austin’s population continues to grow and more new developments come online, and as drought and climate change make their impacts felt, it is imperative that we move ahead with these far-sighted, water-conserving measures today!

Please email the mayor and city council member today!