Act Now: A Recovery for the Many

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Big tax cuts for ultra-wealthy families and corporate special interests have drained billions of dollars from New Jersey’s budget coffers. Now, the state’s finances are stretched even thinner  as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, making us even more vulnerable and woefully unprepared for the swiftly advancing climate crisis.  
It’s our choice. 
New Jersey has a choice: we can continue to make the mistakes of the past and try to cut our way out of this recession, or we can take a new and balanced approach that puts the needs of our communities and health first.
A recovery for the many, not the ultra-wealthy. 
Reversing ill-advised tax cuts to for the wealthy, closing corporate tax loopholes, and borrowing relief funds from the federal government will help New Jersey fund a recovery, rebuild our economy for the many, not a chosen few  while also combatting the climate crisis.  Now more than ever, in a post-covid world, residents of our crowded little state will rise or fall together. A more equitable New Jersey will be a stronger New Jersey.
Over the summer,  the NJ Legislature will be making decisions about where the state should prioritize raising funds, spending them and cutting programs. A recovery for the many, requires more than few of you to express your concerns about what a recovery should look like not just for the immediate crisis at hand but sets a course for a brighter and more sustainable future.