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Vote pins. Credit: luismmolina / iStockPhoto

Huge Victories in Virginia!

Last night the people of Virginia led the way and voted for clean water, climate action and the environment, and voted against the Trump Administration’s anti-science agenda.

Through the support of Clean Water voters like you, Clean Water candidates Dan Helmer, Hala Ayala and Wendy Gooditis won their elections to the House of Delegates. This is a huge win for the environment, our water and our communities!

Dan Helmer -- State House District 40

VA_Elections_Dan Helmer.pngThrough the support of voters like you, Clean Water candidate Dan Helmer won as the next Delegate of Virginia’s District 40 with 53.3% of the vote.

Dan will:

  • Fight to protect Virginia’s coasts from drilling for oil and natural gas.

  • Support and patron legislation that moves Virginia into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, guiding Virginia into the transition to renewable energy.

  • Invest in public transit, and in turn reduce carbon emissions, by restoring Metro funding, expanding the Virginia Railway Express to Prince William County, and building more and higher quality bus stops around Fairfax.

Hala Ayala -- State House District 51

VA_Elections_Hala Ayala.pngClean Water candidate Hala Ayala rewon her seat as the Delegate of Virginia’s District 51 with 54.6% of the vote.

Hala will:

  • Fight to hold electric monopolies accountable when they pollute the Commonwealth’s water.

  • Introduce cleaner alternatives to burning fossil fuels to power the electricity grid in Virginia. 

  • Work to address inequities in how climate change affects communities with low income residents and people of color.

Wendy Gooditis -- State House District 10

VA_Elections_Wendy Gooditis.pngClean Water candidate Wendy Gooditis rewon her seat as Delegate of Virginia’s District 10 with 52.4% of the vote.

Wendy will:

  • Fight to reduce the amount of political clout that utility companies have in Virginia. 

  • Support ways in which Virginia can limit usage of single use plastics in an equitable way.

  • Work to encourage more investment in renewable energies, such as solar.

Elections matter - long-term wins for the environment begin at the ballot box. We will carry this momentum to engage Virginians to stop shortsighted and dangerous attacks on our water and health and mobilize even more voters in 2020 to support common sense legislation elect leaders to Congress who will join with us to protect clean water, health, and communities.