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Pennsylvania Capitol, photo: Clean Water Action

203 oil and gas lobbyists (in Pennsylvania alone!)

It’s clear that President Trump won’t be acting on climate or clean water – in fact everything he’s done has taken us backward. Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. Helping oil and gas companies increase their air pollution. Allowing coal plants to dump more arsenic and mercury into our rivers. Starting a “repeal and replace” process for EPA’s Clean Water Rule that threatens our progress in protecting drinking water.

But here in Pennsylvania, we can make a difference. We can act where Trump refuses to. Our state can be a leader on climate and safe drinking water. But we need you – please donate to support our Pennsylvania campaigns and help us stand up to Trump’s rollbacks of our protections.

A couple weeks ago, Clean Water Action supporters traveled to Harrisburg to urge the Governor and state legislators to move forward on climate action. When we asked why the state hadn’t acted on some commonsense solutions, we heard, “well, we have to contend with 203 oil and gas lobbyists in Pennsylvania.”

Right now we’re working in communities across Pennsylvania:

  • We’re fighting for new state rules that would reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas (far more potent than carbon dioxide), and leaks out of gas wells and pipelines. With our fracking epidemic, Pennsylvania now emits 1% of global greenhouse gas pollution! We can make a huge difference if we act.
  • We’ve started efforts in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to address the problem of lead contamination in our drinking water, working with neighborhoods that are most at risk, and advocating for state and local action to keep families safe from lead exposure.
  • As the Trump Administration moves forward with working to gut EPA’s Clean Water Rule we are mobilizing to get Pennsylvania elected representatives to stand up to Trump and support continued federal protections for Pennsylvania rivers.

In April I was proud to take my four year old daughter to join the 200,000 people marching in Washington, DC for the People’s Climate March. I knew that what we do now will matter for her future the most. Please take a minute and help us continue the fight to ensure that all children in our state will grow up with a clean and healthy future. 

(Not in Pennsylvania? Donate here.)