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Swimming for Clean Water

“We’re all in this together. We’re all humans. And we are a team that should support one another. I hope that someday it’s possible for everyone to have clean water and be healthy”Jackie, 9

When the Youth Tritons swim club contacted us about doing a swimmathon to benefit Clean Water Fund, on the occasion of the Tritons’ 30th Anniversary, we said “Yes!” – of course. Our goal is their goal: fishable, SWIMMABLE, drinkable water, for everyone!

“It’s important that people care about other people and help each other out.” – Gabriella, 8

“In the future, let’s hope that everyone has clean water to drink and to swim in so they can be healthy” – Evan, 9

Soon after hearing from them, we got this great photo from the team’s fundraising campaign page:

“It’s good that we’re raising money for Clean Water Fund because everyone needs clean water!”           – Nadia, 9

Now, whenever the news of the day (or hour) starts to get me down, all I have to do is set that stuff aside, look at these kids, and think about what they’re accomplishing by championing our cause with such enthusiasm and excellence.

“Every practice, I’m swimming in gallons of water, every time thinking that all this water could go to someone who could benefit from it much more that I could. Therefore, I saw the swimathon as mandatory. I know it will help achieve my vision of the future.” – Lucas, 13

They remind me of all the reasons we do what we do. They are our future. We’re fighting to protect clean water now and for future generations. And if these young water activists are any indication, our future will be in very good hands.

“We’re swimming in clean water to raise money for clean water so I wanted to help as much as I can.” – Becca, 11

So it’s up to us – today – to live up to the promise and very high standards they’re setting for the rest of us.

“Clean Water is something we all need but not all can get, so this really got to my heart. This is such a great cause because it is inspirational and so important.” – Ginger, 11

Hearing from the Youth Tritons about the campaign plans was truly uplifting – it made my day. Now that we’re seeing just how strong of an effort the swimmers are making – they’re already most of the way to meeting their $9,000 fundraising goal – we’re even more in awe. These kids are challenging us.

“I like swimming and I like the clean water we have here at the pool and that I drink. I thought it would be important to give other people the same amount of clean water as I have.” – Nicolas, 8

What if we were to bring Clean Water Action members into the mix? So far most of the donations have come from the swimmers’ families and friends. Can we help them shatter their goal and reach even higher – maybe double what they set out to raise?

“So many people don't have clean water to swim in or drink. I swam for an hour and was able to raise a lot of money to help Clean Water Fund get more clean water to people.” – Violet, 8

"Clean water is very important to people. I did this fundraising so that people could have clean water and survive" – Katy, 9

Go ahead. Visit the Triton’s campaign page. Add your gift to support Clean Water Fund and let the team know how much you appreciate their efforts. You’ll be glad you did

“We can’t imagine life without swimming in clean water and we wanted to make sure kids all over the country had the same experience we do. Clean water--not just for swimming but also for drinking--is very important.” – Lila, 12 and Zoe, 12


Are you interested in organizing a swimmathon for Clean Water event in your community? Do you have other creative ideas for bringing new awareness, new donors and dollars to our cause? We’d love to hear from you. Give me a call at 202-330-2379 or drop me a line,

“Clean water is a necessity for humans to live.” – Ela, 11

"I hope that everyone has clean water in the future!" – Ren, 10