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Living Dangerously (in a Unsafe Climate)

On January 24th the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future—a coalition of organizations, coordinated by Clean Water Action, working to bring carbon pricing to the Bay State--held a screening of an episode of the Years of Living Dangerously in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

This Emmy award winning television show, featuring high profile celebrities like Sigourney Weaver, Don Cheadle, Jack Black, Gisele Bundchen and many others, is in its second season. The show explores different aspects of the climate crisis like mass extinctions, clean energy developments, community quality of life, and carbon pricing. We need more shows like the Years of Living Dangerously. If you’re an organizer like me, you know how hard it can be to activate people around climate change. Even though “64% of US adults say they are worried a ‘great deal’ or ‘fair amount’ about global warming," motivating the concerned to take steps to combat climate change has proven to be more challenging than ever anticipated.

The Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future is a broad coalition dedicated to putting a state-wide price on carbon pollution with a rebate structure that protects the most vulnerable populations and incentivizes a shift to clean energy. We are working to activate the concerned. By hosting screenings of the Years of Living Dangerously carbon pricing episode, we raised awareness about the seriousness of the climate crisis and how carbon pricing is an important part of the solution. A carbon fee and rebate policy in Massachusetts would mean more jobs, more energy dollars kept in state, cleaner air and healthier lungs. It’s a commonsense and necessary policy but not always the most exciting one. Thanks to the Years of Living Dangerously for accomplishing the challenging task of presenting carbon pricing in an entertaining way.

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Take some time to watch the entertaining and informative film, Years of Living Dangerously.  You can watch it on Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, or iTunes.