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Fire Fighter in front of a burning building. Credit: Mike Gabelmann / Creative Commons - Flickr

Protect Families, Firefighters From Toxic Flame Retardants

February 12, 2016

Toxic chemical flame retardants are added to a variety of common household products like upholstered furniture, bedding, car seats and high-chair pads. These chemicals have been linked to health hazards like cancer, neurological deficits, impaired fertility and learning disabilities.

Rhode Island State House. Photo credit: jiawangkun / Shutterstock

2016 Rhode Island Legislative Results

January 26, 2016

Clean Water Action actively supported legislation dealing with Rhode Island’s energy future, toxic chemicals in consumer products, and protecting and preserving open spaces and recreational areas vital to the health of our communities and the growth of tourism and hospitality industries.

Smokestack and stop sign. Photo credit: Shawn Hempel / Shutterstock

Putting a Price on Pollution

January 13, 2016

Reducing carbon emissions is essential to winning the battle against climate change.

Clean Water Action, as a member of the Energize Rhode Island coalition, is fighting for a solution that can ease the environmental impact, while helping residents and businesses in the Ocean State adapt to changes intensified by the burning of fossil fuels.

That solution is carbon pricing – placing a fee on fossil fuel providers based on the amount of carbon their products release when burned.

Pile of compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Photo credit: Rashevskyi Viacheslav / Shutterstock

Keeping Mercury Out of Our Water

January 13, 2016

Local hardware stores have recycled over 6,000 light bulbs containing mercury as part of Clean Water’s mercury reduction pilot program.

A Huge Victory for Our Water in Rhode Island and Across the Nation

Rhode Island is defined by its fantastic water resources. Narragansett Bay and the rivers that feed it provide Rhode Islanders with unsurpassed opportunities for fishing, boating and beautiful scenery along with critical water supply resources. The Clean Water Rule safeguards these downstream waters by providing protection for ephemeral and headwater streams and wetlands.

Rhode Island Mercury Scoreboard - January 2016. Credit - ESDesign / Clean Water Action

Recycling Mercury - A Shining Success

December 6, 2015

Clean Water’s pilot program, cosponsored by the state Department of Environmental Management, involved 14  hardware stores across the Ocean State that collect burned-out compact fluorescents (CFLs) and linear tubes up to 4 feet long from their customers.