Scott Pruitt: A Climate Denier Not Qualified to Lead EPA

Scott Pruitt: Unfit to lead EPA

Clean Water Action opposed the nomination of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As Oklahoma Attorney General (AG), Pruitt spent his career suing EPA. The majority of his cases were thrown out or lost as courts continually uphold EPA’s ability to reduce pollution and protect public health. Pruitt even dismantled the Environmental Protection Unit in his own state office soon after he was elected.

His vision of a fossil fuel centric energy future is not what the American people want. Instead, his priorities have been in lock-step with the oil and gas companies set to profit off of fossil fuel friendly policies. This combination of confirmed collusion with industry and the lack of relevant qualifications should disqualify Pruitt from leading a critical federal agency.

  • Pruitt has a history of opposing the protections enshrined in our landmark environmental laws. For example, he sued EPA to stop the agency from reducing smog pollution, he sued to stop efforts to reduce toxic mercury and arsenic emissions from power plants, and he fought efforts to reduce air pollution in national parks.
  • Pruitt rejects the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change and efforts to address it. This is out of step of the vast majority of climate scientists and designed to sow doubt and delay action.
  • He is be the first EPA Administrator in American history to openly deny the underlying science of climate change.  
  • A 2014 New York Times investigation revealed that Pruitt’s relationship as Attorney General with oil and gas companies amounted to an “unprecedented, secretive alliance.”
  • The fossil fuel industry donated $314,996 to Pruitt’s campaigns since 2002
  • Pruitt has described himself as the “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

Pruitt is on record opposing common-sense protections for the environment and public health. These are safeguards designed to protect actual people living in communities that depend on federal policies to help limit pollution risks from industrial development.

Pruitt has said he will rescind these protections and work to expand oil and gas development. This presents increased risks to drinking water and the environment writ large. As such, Scott Pruitt is currently the chief environmental threat in this country.

Tell your Senators how your feel about Scott Pruitt.