Rally to Stop Dangerous Oil Trains!

PA Oil TrainsJuly 6th - July 12th is the national week of action to remember the 47 lives lost in Lac-Mégantic's fiery oil train explosion and demand action to better protect America's communities from explosive oil trains. Philadelphia will participate in this week of action on Saturday, July 11th. Can you make it?


Defend and Invest in the Environment

PA Lobby DayIn Pennsylvania, funding for the environment and health is currently at an all time low.

Yet despite a proposed by budget from Governor Wolf that would reverse these trends, the legislature passed their own budget that continues to cut funding for DEP, invests nothing in renewable energy, and raids funds meant to improve our state parks and forests.

Fracking and Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania

TAKE ACTION: Support Governor Wolf's Proposed Budget to Fund Fracking Site Inspectors and a Marcellus Shale Health Registry

Funding for the environment and health is currently at an all time low. The shortsightedness of many of our politicians has led to not enough inspectors to oversee natural gas operations, ending incentives for renewable energy, raiding funds meant to improve our parks and forests, and going back on commitments to investigate illnesses linked to fracking.

Pennsylvania Currents - Summer 2015

Pennsylvania Currents
summer 2015 edition

Thousands Ask for Stricter Drilling Rules

This April, the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) released changes to its 2014 proposed oil and gas regulation revisions. Though DEPs latest proposals follow tens of thousands of comments from the public, advocates, issue experts and industry and reflect some improvement, Clean Water Action believes further changes are still needed.

For example, DEP would continue to allow open pits for storing gas drilling wastes. While open pits on well sites would now be banned, industry would still be allowed to use huge off-site pits, each serving multiple wells — pits as large as two football fields and holding 15 million gallons of toxic wastewater. Read more

Vote May 19th to give the environmental a voice

vote button with stars and stripesTo tackle the issues confronting our municipalities, counties, and commonwealth we need voices in government that share our commitment to protecting public health and our environment. In the upcoming primary, Clean Water Action has endorsed the following candidates because they have demonstrated this commitment in their personal and professional lives.

Department of Transportation Misses the Mark In Protecting The Public and the Environment From Unsafe Oil Trains

Final Rule continues to unnecessarily expose communities and the environment to more danger

Philadelphia, PA – Today, the Department of Transportation (DOT) released its Final Rule on Enhanced Tank Car Standards and Operational Controls for High-Hazard Flammable Trains. The final rule confirms what many suspected – it is business as usual for the crude by rail industry.  Despite the horrific oil train derailments that continue to occur across North America that have led to deaths, injury, and environmental damage, the public can continue to expect more oil train derailments for years to come.

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05/01/2015 - 14:58

Environmental organizations applaud Councilman Mark Squilla and City Council for introducing single use bag legislation

Philadelphia, PA - Today, Clean Air Council, Clean Water Action, Green Philly, PennFuture, and Tookany-Tacony Frankford/Watershed Partnership commended Councilman Mark Squilla and City Council for introducing single use bag legislation that would impose a small fee for any person(s) who uses a single use bag when making a purchase from a retail establishment. Reducing bags is an easy way to tackle the City's ongoing problem with trash that ends up in rivers and streams, clogs storm drains, and negatively impacts neighborhoods. Environmental organizations have been calling for the introduction of a bag bill for many, many months and are delighted by today's news.

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04/23/2015 - 12:46

Tell DEP to Ban ALL Frack Pits!

The time for tougher oil and gas regulations in Pennsylvania is long past due. The use of open frack pits to store fracking wastewater from gas drilling operation is reckless and has already caused water contamination. This is your opportunity to ban this dangerous practice in Pennsylvania!

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has released its proposed updates to the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act. DEP has made the right decision to ban open frack pits at well sites, but failed to take strong action on centralized frack pits which serve multiple well sites.

It’s time for Councilman Squilla to introduce a bag bill!

Many of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and waterways are covered in litter, but there are common sense solutions that can reduce our City’s waste. Councilman Squilla has a single use bag bill that would reduce the use of single use bags by implementing a nominal fee on bags and encourage the use of reusable bags.

Contact your City Council representative and tell them to encourage Councilman Squilla to introduce his bag bill to move our City a step forward in litter reduction.

Get Pampered for Clean Water!

PA AvedaThroughout the month of April, Aveda is raising money for Clean Water Fund in honor of Earth Month. You can support our work by getting pampered at many Aveda stores in your area. Simply give them a call, make an appointment for one of their services and get pampered with 100% of the proceeds going to Clean Water Fund. You'll look and feel great and you'll help us continue to fight for safe drinking water for you and your friends and family.
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