From the Blog - Air Pollution from Coke Plant in Pittsburgh Cannot Continue

Lincoln Barber Shop - Courtesy of Joel Polacci

Lincoln Barber Shop - Courtesy of Joel Polacci

By Julie St. John, Pittsburgh Organizer

For years, Clean Water Action in Pittsburgh has been working to clean up air pollution coming from the Shenango coke works on Neville Island. The facility is located on a heavily industrialized piece of land less than one mile from densely populated residential communities and only five miles from downtown Pittsburgh.

State Proposes Settlement with Drilling Wastewater Plant

--Action follows filing of federal case by Clean Water Action--

(Pittsburgh) – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) publicly released a proposed consent decree with Waste Treatment Corporation of Warren, PA over the weekend.  This proposed settlement by the state came approximately one month after Clean Water Action had filed a federal suit against Waste Treatment Corp. for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act.

Clean Water Action’s suit charged that Waste Treatment Corp. was illegally discharging up to 200,000 gallons per day of gas drilling wastewater into the Allegheny River in Warren, PA.  DEP’s proposed consent decree clearly states that Waste Treatment Corp. is harming the water quality and aquatic life of the Allegheny.

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11/26/2013 - 12:12

Report: Hazardous Air Toxic Levels Raise Southwestern PA To Top of Nation’s Worst

PITTSBURGH, Pa., – The Center for Healthy Environments and Communities (CHEC) at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health recently released the of its Pittsburgh Regional Environmental Threats Analysis (PRETA), which seeks to educate about environmental quality and human health risks of significance to the southwestern Pennsylvania community.
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11/22/2013 - 10:10

Lawsuit Filed Against Drilling Wastewater Plant

Clean Water Action Files in Federal Court to Stop Illegal Discharges of Drilling Wastewater at Treatment Plant in Warren, PA

(Pittsburgh) – Clean Water Action filed a suit today in federal court against Waste Treatment Corporation (WTC) for their illegal discharge of gas drilling wastewater into the Allegheny River in Warren, PA. “We cannot allow our rivers and drinking water supplies to continue to be contaminated,” stated Myron Arnowitt, PA State Director for Clean Water Action.

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10/28/2013 - 14:00

Learn More about Oil and Gas Activities at Deer Lakes Park

Protect Deer Lakes ParkJoin us and State Senator Jim Ferlo on Wednesday, October 30th for a discussion on the good, the bad and the ugly effects of drilling and fracking for natural gas in and around Deer Lakes Park.

We need your support to ensure the protection of our county parks! Can you join us - click here?

Polluting Power Plants in Pennsylvania

There are 28 power plants in Pennsylvania and they dump millions of pounds of pollution* into our water every year. Click on the icons on the map to learn more about the power plant in your community.

Help us stop this toxic mess. Click here to tell EPA to end Power Plant Water Pollution

Failing to Enforce Fracking Rules

CWARoundButtonBlueGettheReport.pngfailure to enforce
Clean Water Action issues report on Pennsylvania’s lack of enforcement of gas drilling rules

Clean Water Action looked at how the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection did in 2011 for enforcing environmental rules on Marcellus Shale gas drilling companies.  Despite over one thousand violations, 9 out of 10 gas companies got off without paying a fine.

Download the report and learn more.

Fracking Wastewater Settlement!

clean water action reaches a settlement with pennsylvania sewage plant that was dumping fracking wastewater

Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Scorecard

Between November, 2011 and February, 2012, the Pennsylvania state legislature held a series of votes on HB 1950 (Act 13), a bill that proposed to overturn hundreds of local ordinances on gas drilling, while establishing the nation’s lowest impact fee and making minimal improvements to oil and gas regulations. Passage of Act 13 is the first significant legislation enacted in Pennsylvania since the Marcellus Shale gas drilling boom began over four years ago, and represents a giant step backward in environmental protection, especially through eliminating any local control over gas drilling. The Scorecard covers final passage votes as well as votes on floor amendments to the bill.

See how your state legislators scored by downloading the entire Marcellus Scorecard. Take action and hold your legislators accountable for their votes!

Toomey wants EPA to stop water rule

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey expressed his concerns over a proposal that would change which waterways can be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency with Cumberland County farmers Friday.

The Clean Water Act gives the EPA the right to regulate navigable bodies of water that flow between states. Toomey says the EPA proposal would dramatically expand that.

"The EPA's new rule would virtually make all outdoor water eligible for their regulation," Toomey said. "What if a farmer has a stretch of land, that every once in a great while, in a very heavy rain, develops a big puddle that stands for awhile? Are they going to come in and decide to tell him whether or not he can plant in that space?"
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