Underground Injection: Enhanced Oil Recovery and Disposal by Injection

Kern River Oil Field - Credit: Sarah Craig

                      Kern River Oil Field - Credit: Sarah Craig

An Introduction to Oil and Gas Wastewater in California

Oil and gas wastewater in unlined percolation ponds in Kern County,

Oil and gas wastewater in unlined percolation ponds in Kern County near the Belridge, Elk Hills and Cymric Oil Fields. Photo: Andrew Grinberg 2014

As the fourth largest oil state in the country, California must manage  a massive wastestream from the oil and gas sector. This waste threatens the state's water quality and environmental health. In 2013, the oil and gas industry produced 8 billion gallons of oil in California and 130 billion gallons of wastewater. This represents about 95% of all fluids recovered from California oil wells.

California Unlined Pit Report Supporting Documents

We Bagged It!

After 6 years of advocating for a state-wide bag ban, and 121 local bag bans, Clean Water Action and our allies finally succeeded in passing a state-wide bag ban. That makes California the second state in the nation to ban single use plastic grocery bags.  SB 270 (Padilla and DeLeon) passed on August 29, 2014 and now it goes to Governor Brown’s desk for signature. It's a great win for California. Tell Governor Brown to sign this bill into law!

Championing Your Right to Know!

One of reasons both people and the environment continue to be exposed to toxic chemicals is because their presence is hidden, often intentionally, from consumers, employers, and even the government.  This year Clean Water Action helped pass a number of bills that promote more chemical transparency and ensure the public and state’s right to know about chemicals in products, schools, and workplaces.

California Legislature Sends a Bumper Crop of Environmental Legislation to Governor Brown

As Legislative Session Closes, Groups Applaud Passage of Groundbreaking Policies to Protect Public Health and Environment, and Bills Addressing the Drought

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. (August 30, 2014) – Californians can breathe easier today knowing that the state legislature passed groundbreaking policies to protect public health and clean up our environment.
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09/02/2014 - 09:40

California Legislators’ Inconsistent Response to Plastic Pollution

Oakland - Yesterday, the California Legislature failed by one vote to enact AB 1699 (Bloom) a ban on the use of plastic microbeads in personal care products. Meanwhile, SB 270 (Padilla) passed making California the second state in the nation to ban single use plastic grocery bags. According to Miriam Gordon, California Director of Clean Water Action, "passage of the single use plastic bag ban and the failure of the microbead ban by the California legislature makes no sense. Both bills are aimed at eliminating plastic pollution in the marine environment. Thousands of plastic microbeads are discharged to waterways every time someone washes facial and skin scrubs containing plastics down the drain."
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08/30/2014 - 09:13

California Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

Yesterday the California Legislature passed a state-wide  plastic bag ban. Clean Water Action applauded the measure, which passed in the Assembly with a 44-29 vote and then back to the Senate where it passed 22-15. California is the second state in the U.S. to enact such a ban - Hawaii was first.

"It took 6 years of advocacy and the building of a grassroots movement to make this happen," said Miriam Gordon, California Director of Clean Water Action, "but with 121 local ordinances already on the books across California, our legislature finally followed the will of the people."
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08/30/2014 - 13:30

Making Oil and Gas Play by the Same Rules

SB 1281 Will Provide the Tools California Needs to  Manage Water Use by the Oil and Gas Industry

Oakland - Yesterday the Legislature passed SB 1281 (Pavley), which requires disclosure and reporting of water use by oil and gas drilling companies. The bill also requires the reporting and disclosure of wastewater disposal locations and methods.  As the third largest oil producing state, and home to 17 refineries, California faces significant threats from drilling, fracking, and the transport of crude oil by rail. The passage of SB 1281 is one more step by the Legislature to protect California's families and communities from the impacts of fracking and other unconventional methods of oil extraction. Clean Water Action applauds Senator Fran Pavley for her leadership and urges Governor Brown to sign SB 1281 as soon as possible.

Update 9/26/14: Governor Brown signed SB 1281 into law on September 25. Thank you Governor for putting this important measure into place.

Miriam Gordon, Clean Water Action's California Director, released the following statement.

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08/29/2014 - 14:24

August 2014 Legislative Update

As we move into the final days of the 2014 Legislative session, Clean Water Action is working to pass important bills to protect California's water and health. There are active bills dealing with oil and gas drilling and fracking, drinking water and the drought, reducing plastic pollution, and toxic chemical reform.

Click here to read about our  priorities for the rest of the 2014 Legislative session.

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