Governor Brown’s Proactive Climate Change Position Needs to Focus More on Oil Drilling

In his inaugural address, Governor Brown promised to continue California's leadership on clean power by mandating that California's energy grid include at least 50 percent renewables by 2030 by expanding programs like rooftop solar, distributed generation, microgrids, and more. Clean Water Action applauds the Governor's leadership on clean energy and implores him to go even further. State Director Miriam Gordon released this statement:

"We are thrilled that Governor Brown has his sights set on reducing climate pollution. The Governor clearly understands that inaction on climate threatens our communities and families and he has charted a good course for the state. We look forward to working with Governor Brown to achieve the goals he has laid out.

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01/06/2015 - 07:22

Take Action to Stop Dumping Oil and Gas Wastewater into Open Pits!

CWARoundButtonBlueTakeAction.pngYou'll never believe what the oil industry is doing with their toxic wastewater! Across the Central Valley, already the home of California's most severe water shortages, polluted groundwater, and the worst air quality in the country, Big Oil is dumping its wastewater into open and unlined pits.  Full of harmful chemicals, like cancer-causing benzene and crop-killing boron, this  wastewater  leaches toxic chemicals  into the ground and evaporates volatile organic chemicals into the air.

Crazy right?! Take Action Today!

Time for Big Pharma to Pay their Share

Pill bottlesThe San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering an ordinance requiring drug manufacturers to collect unused medications.  We need Mayor Lee to support it too - click here to send him a message!

When unused meds are flushed or thrown in the trash they get into local waterways, including San Francisco Bay and drinking water sources.  When stockpiled in the home, they can cause unintentional poisoning by youth and the elderly.

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