San Francisco Stepping Up to Keep Drugs Out of the Bay

Early in the new year, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote on an ordinance requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to pay for and implement convenient programs for consumers to dispose of unused and out of date medications.  This comes on the heels of a 19th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals decision upholding a similar ordinance adopted by Alameda County in 2012 against an industry attack.  Not surprisingly, the industry opposes a new ordinance in San Francisco despite the fact that when companies band together and support proper disposal – like they do in Canada – it costs so little per bottle, they haven’t raised drug prices.

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NEW Report: Oil Industry waste disposal into unlined pits threatens California's water and air

In the Pits - Oil and Gas Wastewater Disposal into Open Unlined Pits and the Threat to California’s Water and AirClean Water Action has released a new report exposing the threats to air and water from oil wastewater disposal into open-air and unlined pits. Across the Central Valley of California, already the home of severe water shortages, degraded groundwater and the worst air quality in the country, Big Oil is dumping wastewater containing a mixture of harmful chemicals, including volatile organic compounds and heavy metals, into unlined and open-air pits. These pits are designed both to percolate the toxic wastewater into the ground and evaporate it into the air. California water and air regulators have allowed this form of waste disposal despite the fact that they are aware that many of these operations have inadequate and severely out of date permits, and that some are creating huge underground plumes of wastewater that threaten nearby drinking and irrigation water.

Oil, Gas and Fracking in California

In the Pits

As the fourth largest oil producing state in the country, California must responsibly manage the massive waste stream generated by the oil and gas sector. This report examines the risks to California water and air quality associated with just one part of this waste stream: oil and gas wastewater disposal into open-air and unlined pits. 

Time for Big Pharma to Pay their Share

Pill bottlesThe San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering an ordinance requiring drug manufacturers to collect unused medications.  We need Mayor Lee to support it too - click here to send him a message!

When unused meds are flushed or thrown in the trash they get into local waterways, including San Francisco Bay and drinking water sources.  When stockpiled in the home, they can cause unintentional poisoning by youth and the elderly.

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