Take Action Today to #ProtectCleanWater!

wotus pa impactThank you for standing with more than 800,000 Americans to restore important clean water protections for streams, lakes, wetlands and other vital water resources.

Despite this support, Congress seems intent on ignoring their constituents while protecting polluters! Earlier this month they voted to block these commonsense protections, putting our drinking water in Pennsylvania at risk. Take action today to #ProtectCleanWater!

Happy #Giving Tuesday! Join the Jersey Give Back Guide

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We are excited to announce that Clean Water Fund has been selected by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation for its 2015 Jersey Give Back Guide!

The online guide makes it easy for everyone (that means you!) to give back and get involved with some of the most effective and respected nonprofit organizations that are making a big difference in the Garden State!

Tell Congress: No Polluter Giveaways

Last year thousands of Clean Water members like you joined more than 800,000 Americans to call for strong safeguards for our nation’s streams and wetlands. Thanks to you, we won big for our water

Unfortunately some in Congress want to block the biggest step forward for clean water protections in more than a decade.  Contact your members of Congress today and tell them to stand with people, not polluters!

Governor Cuomo Rejects Proposed Gas Terminal Off Coast - Clean Water Action Statement

Today, Clean Water Action's Campaign Director David Pringle released the following statement in regards to Governor Cuomo's announcement to reject a proposal to build a liquefied natural gas terminal in the waters off New York and New Jersey:

"Thank you, Governor Cuomo, and thank you to the incredible diverse grassroots effort against this dirty, dangerous, and unneeded fossil fuel project. This is a victory for the shipping and fishing industries, small businesses, the environment, national security and so much more, most notably democracy. This decision was a no brainer but these days you can take nothing for granted. Shame on the fossil fuel industry and the feds for making so many waste precious resources including time away from families on this.

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11/12/2015 - 13:54

One Year Later - The Will of Voters Ignored!

In November 2014, 75% of Florida voters overwhelming passed Amendment 1 requiring the state to spend more money for land and water conservation critical to improving our water quantity and quality.  Yet, our Governor and state lawmakers have intentionally ignored the will of Floridians.  State lawmakers have redirected some of the money for government operating expenses that was intended for Florida’s Land Acquisition Trust Fund.  While several of Clean Water Action’s allies have been forced to take legal action asking the courts to order the state to transfer nearly $237 million to the Trust Fund, the verdict is out.

New Jersey Currents - Fall 2015

New Jersey Currents
fall 2015 edition

NJ Legislature Still Flunking on the Environment

By David Pringle, Campaign Director
Clean Water Action’s 2014-15 NJ Legislative Scorecard found a majority of state legislators failed on the environment, much as they did 2 years ago.

There were fourteen notable exceptions. These legislators, whom Clean Water Action called ‘heroes’, joined the call for immediate corrective action by the legislature. Click here to see what the heroes are saying.

Overall the Legislature took pro-environment positions less than half (47%) of the time. On every legislative initiative the anti-environment position succeeded or the pro-environment position was watered down because:

Pennsylvania Currents - Fall 2015

Pennsylvania Currents
fall 2015 edition

Environmental Rights at Stake in Pennsylvania Supreme Court Election November 3

The outcome of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court election may be the most important of the election season. The Supreme Court has made decisions in many cases critical to health, communities and the environment in the past decade. It will likely play a role in redistricting after the 2020 census and may hear cases related to local governments’ attempts to restrict fracking. The judges on the court matter.

In 2013 Pennsylvania passed Act 13, which stripped local municipalities of the ability to use zoning to protect communities from the dangers associated with natural gas drilling. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down this provision. The Court ruled Act 13 was unconstitutional because it violated the Pennsylvania Constitution’s Environmental Rights Amendment which states “the people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come.” The three vacancies on the court are judges who ruled with the majority in this landmark case.

Clean Water Action has endorsed the following candidates for Pennsylvania Supreme Court because they have demonstrated a commitment in their personal and judicial philosophy to protecting public health and our environmental rights: David Wecht, Kevin Dougherty, and Christine Donahue.

Texas Currents Fall 2015

Texas Currents
fall 2015 edition

North Texas Water Plan Heavy on Reservoirs, Light on Conservation

State law divides Texas into 16 water planning regions. Each region must present an updated plan for meeting future needs every five years. Region C covers the 16-county Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and includes some of the nation’s fastest growing suburbs. Region C’s proposed update was recently open for public comment.

In August, Clean Water Fund submitted comments on the Water Plan which faulted it for prioritizing expensive new reservoirs over conservation.

Dallas and Fort Worth have made progress in lowering per capita gallons of consumption (GPCD) through toilet rebate programs and the “Lawn Whisperer” campaign, which offers tips on more efficient lawn watering. However, the GPCD for most cities in Region C remains well above the state average, and few cities have programs in place to lower consumption. Fewer than half of Region C communities limit lawn watering, even during drought. Less than 40% have tiered rate structures to promote conservation and only 25% punish water waste. Read more

Fighting Flame Retardants

The Consumer Product Safety Commission  in Washington, D.C. is taking public comments on a petition to ban the use of an entire class of toxic chemicals contained in consumer items like electronics, furniture and children’s products.

These chemicals, called organohalogens, have been linked to serious health problems including cancers, nervous system disorders, reproductive ailments and lowered IQ. The chemicals off-gas from products, bond with dust and accumulate in our bodies.

They are particularly hazardous to children, pregnant women and firefighters, who are face heightened exposure when combating blazes.

Preparing Portsmouth for Climate Change

Town Council President Keith Hamilton needs to hear from you today! khamilton@portsmouthri.com

Portsmouth is revising the town comprehensive plan and the new plan will address natural hazards. Let your Council know that you care about the comprehensive plan and that you want the revised plan to identify areas vulnerable to sea-level rise, flooding, storm damage, drought and other natural hazards.
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