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739,794 comments and countingOctober 22, 2014 was historic. Today we showcased nearly 750,000 public comments (that's three quarters of a million, and counting) from people like you to EPA Water's Deputy Assistant Director, Ken Kopocis, staff from US Army Corp of Engineers, and to Maryland’s US Senator Ben Cardin. We showed them the broad public support for EPA's proposal to protect the nation's streams and wetlands. They we're enthralled. Kopocis said at one point, "Clean water provides a boom to the economy...brewers, recreation & agriculture depend on clean water." And it’s TRUE, all the little things we take for granted every day absolutely depend on clean water and healthy watersheds.

Your Vote is Your Voice - General Elections Endorsements in California

Please Vote on Tuesday, November 4
  • Proposition 1 – Water Bond - YES
  • San Jose Mayor – Sam Liccardo
  • East Bay Municipal Utilities District Ward 3 -  Marguerite Young
US House of Representatives
  • District 2 – Jared Huffman
  • District 11 – Mark DeSaulnier
  • District 17 – Mike Honda
CA State Senate
  • District 2 – Mark McGuire
  • District 6 – Roger Dickinson
CA State Assembly
  • District 2 – Jim Wood
  • District 7 – Steve Cohn
  • District 10 – Marc Levine
  • District 15 – Tony Thurmond
  • District 16 – Tim Sbranti
  • District 25 – Kansen Chu
On Tuesday, November 4, California voters will go to the polls to select their candidates for hundreds of federal, state, and local offices.  Voters will be choosing between the top two vote-getters from the June primary. In some cases, the candidates facing off may come from the same political party.  

Clean Water Action does not endorse in every race, but reviews each race and determines where to make endorsements based on a variety of factors.

Here's how we made these endorsements:

Clean Water Action reviews candidates’ records and contacts them for additional information. We consider candidates regardless of party and support those who demonstrate a commitment to the environment and our communities.

Based on these and other factors, Clean Water Action makes the following recommendations for November 4.

Yes on Proposition 1 - Water Bond

Clean Water Action has worked for many years to ensure that needed investments in water infrastructure reflect the needs of California.  We support the $7.54 billion water bond on the November ballot because it makes those investments, including

VIDEO: Clean Water Action and Sierra Club Endorsements in Rhode Island

On Friday, October 17th Clean Water Action and Sierra Club officially announced endorsements in the 2014 General Election in Rhode Island. Learn more about our endorsements here.

Watch the Videos below!

Clean Water Action Endorses URBAN RAIL for Austin!

Vote FOR City of Austin Proposition 1

Austin – The environmental organization Clean Water Action has announced its endorsement of the City of Austin's Proposition 1 on this November's ballot. Prop 1 would authorize $600 million in bond money for a startup urban rail line, subject to the condition of receiving federal matching dollars in the same amount. It would also authorize $400 million in road projects.

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10/19/2014 - 14:35

PA Groups Release Scorecard on State Legislators’ Environmental Votes

State Legislators Receive Scores on Votes Affecting Climate Change, Enforcement of Environmental Protection Laws and Giveaways to Gas Drillers

(Harrisburg) – Three leading citizen-based environmental organizations released today the joint Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard, which scores state legislators on key environmental votes cast during the 2013 - 2014 Legislative Session.

Clean Water Action, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, and the Sierra Club graded lawmakers in the state House of Representatives and state Senate on whether their votes on important legislation supported protection of the public and the environment.
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10/16/2014 - 07:01

Urgent - Stop Bad Pinelands Nominations on Oct. 16th!

UPDATE! We won! Today, Oct. 16, the Senate Jucidiary Committee voted to HOLD the nominations. Thank you for everyone who took action!

Oct 15, 2014--Remember when the Pinelands Commission voted NO to stop a massive pipeline from being built in the heart of the NJ Pinelands, thus protecting critical land and drinking water resources for generations to come?

Well, now there is a dirty move afoot to replace members who voted against the pipeline with political appointees that would vote yes. Read Clean Water Action's statement here.

Clean Water Action Endorses Mike Martinez for Austin City Mayor

Austin – Clean Water Action has announced its endorsement of Mike Martinez for Austin Mayor. This November's election marks the first time that Austin will select its council members from 10 single-members districts rather than at-large. The mayor will continue to be elected at-large, by voters from across the city.

“Clean Water Action believes that Mike Martinez has accumulated the depth of experience working with city staff and the community to make him uniquely suited to lead the City of Austin at this critical juncture of its history,” said David Foster, Texas Director for Clean Water Action. “He has earned our trust and we encourage our members to vote for him.”

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10/14/2014 - 06:47

Clean Water Action 2014 General Elections Endorsements in Rhode Island

Clean Water Action endorses the following environmental champions for the 2014 General Election on November 4. We also support Bond Referendum 6 and 7.
Please share with your friends and remember to VOTE!

Federal Officers

  • Jack Reed, Senator
  • David Cicilline, Congressman (District 1)
  • James Langevin, Congressman (District 2)

State Officers

  • Gina Raimondo, Governor
  • Seth Magaziner, Treasurer

Local Elections

2014 - Minnesota Endorsements

Clean Water Action is proud to announce our endorsement of the following candidates for Minnesota Legislature. We believe that their strong and consistent environmental positions and dedication to community involvement make these candidates the best choices to lead our state.

There is no single issue that we base our endorsement decision on, we consider the breadth of their record on environmental issues such as clean energy, clean water, toxics, and others.

Clean Water Action Minnesota has endorsed the following candidates:

Clean Water Action Announces 2014 General Election Endorsements in RI

Providence — Clean Water Action is proud to announce our list of endorsed candidates for the 2014 General Election on November 4.

“Rhode Island voters have a real opportunity to support environmental candidates this year,” said Meg Kerr, Rhode Island director of Clean Water Action. “Our state needs more leaders who will take action to promote clean renewable energy, create green jobs, protect our drinking water supply, and fund public transportation. These candidates have earned Clean Water Action’s endorsement by demonstrating their commitment to protecting our environment.”

Federal Officers
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09/25/2014 - 12:28
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