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Tell Menards to Ban Toxic Phthalates in Vinyl Flooring

menards_pic.jpgHome Depot and Lowe’s recently committed to ban toxic phthalates in all vinyl flooring by the end of this year. If the nation’s top two home improvement chains can ban phthalates in flooring, so should Menard’s! Ask Menard’s to act today.

A new study found that tested vinyl flooring sold by Menards and other retailers contained phthalates, toxic chemicals that are banned in children’s toys.

Save Wind and Solar Energy in Texas!

UPDATE: This bill was passed in the Senate. Take action today to tell the House to vote No! 

No state in the country has more potential for wind and solar energy production than Texas. We already lead the nation in wind, and solar is expanding rapidly. Wind and solar energy helps us conserve water in Texas because they do not require the vast amounts of water that conventional forms of energy production demand. Don’t let the State Legislature move us backward!

Join us as we help rid the Chesapeake Bay of plastics!

Protect Your Water from Toxic Pollution!

Last year's chemical spill into the Elk River in West Virginia, coal ash spill in the Dan River near Danville, and train derailment into the James River in Lynchburg prove that accidents happen. The risks posed by toxics jeopardize the quality of our water sources and our health.

Two pending bills, SB 771 and 1071, would make it easier to identify hazardous waste sites in Virginia and strengthen state's ability to protect your water and other valuable resources.

  • SB 771 establishes a list of non-federally managed toxic waste sites and makes it easier to respond to any contamination of groundwater or drinking water that may occur.
  • SB 1071 raises the civil penalty the DEQ can issues for environmental violations from $10,000 to $25,000. Virginia's current cap pales in comparison to other states such as North Carolina, which can impose an administrative penalty of $15,000 to $32,500 per day depending on the violation. 
Take Action!

Send a message to your state Senator and Delegate them to "Protect our Water" from toxic pollution!

Legislature Can Reverse Christie’s Veto of Frack Waste Ban!

fracking cracked glassIn August, much to our disappointment and concern but not surprise, Governor Christie vetoed a key clean water bill (S1041) that would have banned the dumping of frack waste in New Jersey. 

The governor rejec

Oppose Governor Christie's Bad Settlement with Exxon

oil barrel on beachOn multiple occasions over 20 years, the courts have found Exxon responsible and liable for 100 years of pollution and destruction of 1500 acres of forest, wetland, tideland, meadow, underlying groundwater, and nearby waterways at Exxon's refineries in Linden and Bayonne. Take Action!

Shut Down Illegal Injection Well: OFFICIAL COMMENT

California's failure to protect groundwater from the oil and gas industry has been front and center for months now.  State regulators mistakenly permitted over 2,500 wells to inject potentially toxic oil and gas waste and other fluids for enhanced oil recovery into federally protected aquifers. More than 2,000 of these wells are still operating and the state is finalizing regulations that would allow them to stay open.

Join us in calling on Governor Brown and the Department of Conservation to shut down illegal injection wells by making an official comment on these regulations. Click here to read more about the regulations.

Protect children’s and fire fighters' health

Ramona-chair-2013-crop.jpg Write to your state legislators and urge them to phase out toxic flame retardants. The health of children and workers, including fire fighters, is being threatened every day by the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in consumer products. It’s time to fight back.

Scientific evidence increasingly indicates that toxic chemicals we come into contact with everyday are contributing to an epidemic of chronic diseases and disorders such as asthma, birth defects, diabetes, and cancer.

Ban the Bead in CT!

Please email your state legislators and ask them to support HB 5286, An Act Prohibiting the Import and Sale of Cosmetics That Contain Microbeads, and work to make sure it is passed this session. This bill would ban the use of plastic microbeads in personal care products, like toothpaste and face wash. Plastic microbeads in personal care products wash down the drain and end up in our waterways where they degrade water quality, endanger wildlife, and threaten human health. Safer, natural alternatives like ground apricot pits, beeswax, and clay are available. 

Take action now!

Support Your Right to Know!

Clean Water Action is a champion of greater public disclosure about chemicals in products that we are all exposed to every day, especially when those chemicals are toxic and cause human and/or environmental harm.  We need your help today to get 3 bills passed in California that will do just that.

Take action right now!

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