Letter to a Decision Maker

Tell Congress: No Polluter Giveaways

Last year thousands of Clean Water members like you joined more than 800,000 Americans to call for strong safeguards for our nation’s streams and wetlands. Thanks to you, we won big for our water

Unfortunately some in Congress want to block the biggest step forward for clean water protections in more than a decade.  Contact your members of Congress today and tell them to stand with people, not polluters!

Don't Double-Deck Mopac at Lady Bird Lake!

Map of Mopac expansionThe Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) wants to add elevated lanes to Mopac at Lady Bird Lake, right next to Zilker Park and Barton Springs!

This bad idea is part of a larger plan to turn Mopac into a partially tolled by-pass for I-35 – which would push tens of thousands of additional cars and trucks through our city onto what is now a road for local commuters. A good number of these trucks would be 18-wheelers.

Please contact your elected officials today and tell them not to double-deck Mopac and not to turn Mopac into a partially tolled bypass for I-35!

Don't Let the Michigan Move Backward on Clean Energy

HB 4297 and the Nesbitt energy plan is a step in the wrong direction, instead of a step toward making us a leader in clean energy policy. This proposed legislation would classify the burning of hazardous waste, including tires, as renewable energy and is nothing more than a cynical attempt to hijack Michigan’s renewable energy definition for the benefit of corporate polluters.

Contact your representative today!

Thank Mayor Adler & the Austin City Council for Supporting Solar

solar panels - cropped.jpgIn two votes this October, the council voted to add up to 450 megawatts of energy from new West Texas solar farms by the end of 2016! This is on top of a separate 150 MW contract signed last year. The council also voted to bring an additional 100-150 MWs online by the end of 2019, either through another contract or in a solar farm that the city will build and own.

It adds up to 750 MWs of clean, affordable, water-saving solar energy for our city and state.

Thank the Mayor and the City Council members who supported this breakthrough for clean energy!

Fighting Flame Retardants

The Consumer Product Safety Commission  in Washington, D.C. is taking public comments on a petition to ban the use of an entire class of toxic chemicals contained in consumer items like electronics, furniture and children’s products.

These chemicals, called organohalogens, have been linked to serious health problems including cancers, nervous system disorders, reproductive ailments and lowered IQ. The chemicals off-gas from products, bond with dust and accumulate in our bodies.

They are particularly hazardous to children, pregnant women and firefighters, who are face heightened exposure when combating blazes.

Support A Restriction on Cosmetic Pesticides in Montgomery County

pesticidesPesticides pose toxic nuisances to neighbors, communities and the environment. They drift, pollute our common air, run-off into our waterways and drinking water source, and track into our homes on our shoes and clothing - where they can impact our health.

Let's Transition to a Clean Energy Future!

clean energy wind turbinesePipelines, oil trains, fracking, and offshore oil and gas projects are impacting every corner of New Jersey. To fight back, we've formed a powerful new coalition to ensure New Jersey transitions to a clean energy future.

Now, we need your help to urge NJ State Legislators to join us - please contact them today!

We need a Water Plan that Protects and Conserves Water!

Governor Hickenlooper has called for the creation of Colorado’s first-ever state water plan and the Colorado Water Conservation Board needs to hear from you now!

Ask them to ensure that this plan prioritizes keeping Colorado’s rivers healthy and flowing and protecting wildlife while meeting the needs of Colorado’s growing population as well its many farms, businesses, and recreational water-lovers.

Save Wind and Solar Energy in Texas!

UPDATE: This bill was passed in the Senate. Take action today to tell the House to vote No! 

No state in the country has more potential for wind and solar energy production than Texas. We already lead the nation in wind, and solar is expanding rapidly. Wind and solar energy helps us conserve water in Texas because they do not require the vast amounts of water that conventional forms of energy production demand. Don’t let the State Legislature move us backward!

Protect Your Water from Toxic Pollution!

Last year's chemical spill into the Elk River in West Virginia, coal ash spill in the Dan River near Danville, and train derailment into the James River in Lynchburg prove that accidents happen. The risks posed by toxics jeopardize the quality of our water sources and our health.

Two pending bills, SB 771 and 1071, would make it easier to identify hazardous waste sites in Virginia and strengthen state's ability to protect your water and other valuable resources.

  • SB 771 establishes a list of non-federally managed toxic waste sites and makes it easier to respond to any contamination of groundwater or drinking water that may occur.
  • SB 1071 raises the civil penalty the DEQ can issues for environmental violations from $10,000 to $25,000. Virginia's current cap pales in comparison to other states such as North Carolina, which can impose an administrative penalty of $15,000 to $32,500 per day depending on the violation. 
Take Action!

Send a message to your state Senator and Delegate them to "Protect our Water" from toxic pollution!

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