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LNGLiberty Natural Gas (Liberty LNG) is once again trying to place a hazardous LNG port (called "Port Ambrose") off the NY/NJ coast (the project was vetoed in 2011 by Gov. Christie) -- just 28 miles from Sandy Hook and 18 miles off Jones Beach, NY.

Liberty LNG is proposing to create a deepwater port that would bring combustible liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers to the NY/NJ region. Under the Deepwater Port Act, this LNG facility could be used for both import and export.

Legislature Can Reverse Christie’s Veto of Frack Waste Ban!

fracking cracked glassIn August, much to our disappointment and concern but not surprise, Governor Christie vetoed a key clean water bill (S1041) that would have banned the dumping of frack waste in New Jersey. 

The governor rejec

Tell State Leaders - Phase out Microplastics Now!

Plastic microbeads - used in personal care products such as hand soap, exfoliating scrubs and toothpaste - are showing up at alarming rates in our surface water.  When we use products that contain microbeads they are washed down our drains and into our water. Most of these plastics are not captured during treatment, because they are too small, and end up in our lakes, rivers and drinking water. Tell state lawmakers to get microplastics out of our water and products.

Tell Your Legislators: Support Clean Energy & Healthy Communities

Clean Water Action is fighting for our environment, economy and health - and you can add your voice to this struggle. Your legislator has the power to green our economy, support the growth of clean energy, protect consumers and phase-out harmful chemical from workplaces and consumer products.


Protect Groundwater Today!

The 2014 groundwater legislation that Clean Water Action helped pass was a big victory for California! But there’s still work to be done to ensure that California has a sustainable supply of groundwater to support our future water needs.  

One major gap is the lack of information about groundwater aquifers.  Take action to make information for our groundwater available to the public.

Learn more here.

Take Action to Stop Dumping Oil and Gas Wastewater into Open Pits!

CWARoundButtonBlueTakeAction.pngYou'll never believe what the oil industry is doing with their toxic wastewater! Across the Central Valley, already the home of California's most severe water shortages, polluted groundwater, and the worst air quality in the country, Big Oil is dumping its wastewater into open and unlined pits.  Full of harmful chemicals, like cancer-causing benzene and crop-killing boron, this  wastewater  leaches toxic chemicals  into the ground and evaporates volatile organic chemicals into the air.

Crazy right?! Take Action Today!

Time for Big Pharma to Pay their Share

Pill bottlesThe San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering an ordinance requiring drug manufacturers to collect unused medications.  We need Mayor Lee to support it too - click here to send him a message!

When unused meds are flushed or thrown in the trash they get into local waterways, including San Francisco Bay and drinking water sources.  When stockpiled in the home, they can cause unintentional poisoning by youth and the elderly.

Tell the Michigan Legislature to RACE to Clean Energy!

Solar PanelsMichigan currently has the opportunity to be a national leader in transitioning our energy production toward a sustainable future. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency programs can reduce the demand on polluting power plants and create local jobs, all while protecting our Great Lakes. Right now, the Michigan Legislature is exploring an increase of both the Renewable Energy Standard and our Energy Efficiency Optimization Standard. These policies give Michigan residents and businesses an opportunity to invest in and benefit from energy efficiency upgrades while protecting our Great Lakes from polluting sources of energy production.

Make Sure the Oil and Gas Taskforce Recommends Meaningful Policies for Colorado!

In August, Governor John Hickenlooper appointed 21 individuals to the Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force. The Task Force is charged with conducting public hearings and by March 2015 making a series of public policy recommendations to the Colorado State Legislature regarding oil and gas operations in Colorado.

Clean Water Action is taking a lead in pushing the Task Force to make meaningful recommendations that protect Colorado communities – as well as our water, air, and land – from the risks of oil and gas development. But we need your help. Contact the Task Force today.

Support A Restriction on Cosmetic Pesticides in Montgomery County

Last year, the Takoma Park, City Council passed the Safe Grow Act of 2013, which restricts the use of cosmetic lawn pesticides on both private and public property throughout the city. This landmark legislation stops involuntary poisoning and non-target contamination from pesticide drift that occurs as these toxic chemicals move off of the treated property, onto those of neighbors, public spaces, schools and more. The Montgomery County Council has proposed legislation to restrict cosmetic lawn pesticides, County Bill 52-14

Take action today by sending a letter to your councilmember.

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