Take Action for Clean Water Now - Let's Block The Dirty Water Rule!

Governor Christie’s Administration is dismantling key clean water protections, increasing flooding and polluting drinking water. Please tell NJ's legislative leaders to block this plan to ensure cleaner water and less flooding!

Thanks to the support of Clean Water Action members, the environmental community, and legislative leaders, the full State Assembly and the NJ Senate Environment Committee both passed ACR160/SCR66 to block the Christie Administration's plan to weaken New Jersey's Flood Hazard Rules. Now we need the full State Senate to finish the job!

The Christie Administration's changes to the Flood Hazard Rules eliminate and reduce important buffers around streams and rivers putting our health, environment and drinking water at risk. The changes went into effect already, but Senator Sweeney can block Governor Christie's Dirty Water Rule by putting ACR160/SCR66 up for a vote.

Take Action!

Please contact Senator Sweeney and your State Senator today. Urge them to pass ACR160/SCR66. Make an even bigger impact by calling Senator Sweeney's office at 856-251-9801. Tell him to put this bill up for a vote to stop Governor Christie's attacks on clean water and protect New Jersey families.

The U.S. Clean Water Act and additional state laws were passed to ensure critical protections for all of our waters. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), with the oversight of the NJ Legislature, is charged with implementing these laws with periodic rulemaking.

A decade ago, DEP adopted several rules to streng-then these protections, reducing pollution and flooding. Two key provisions were increasing:

  1. the number and types of waterways that get strong (Category 1 or c1) protections; and
  2. the size of buffers from development (up to 300’ for c1 streams) along the banks and upstream on many of these waterways.

Unfortunately, Gov. Christie has just adopted major changes to the Flood Hazard rules which reduce these buffers and create exceptions, increasing the risk of flooding and drinking water contamination. Clean Water Action joins the NJ League of Municipalities, USEPA, and FEMA in opposing these changes.

The NJ Legislature has passed a bipartisan resolution that the proposed rules violate legislative intent, but the Christie Administration has largely dismissed or ignored all these concerns. The Legislature can invalidate these weakening changes by passing a 2nd resolution with a simple majority – the Governor can’t veto this action. The Assembly has already passed this resolution but Senate President Sweeney has refused to date to let the Senate vote, so please take action today!