Take Action to Protect NJ's Drinking Water

pitcher of water. photo: successo images / shutterstock.com

Fresh off weakening important flood and clean water rules, Governor Christie is now going after the Highlands, 800,000 acres in north- western New Jersey that supplies over half of the state’s drinking water.

In 2004, NJ Highlands Act was passed to protect this water from the increasing threat of sprawl in recognition of the vital link between the region’s water resources and New Jersey’s economy and quality of life.

The Act requires NJDEP to develop “a septic system density standard established at a level to prevent the degradation of water quality” and “to protect ecological uses from individual, secondary, and cumulative impacts, in consideration of deep aquifer recharge available for dilution”.

NJDEP did just that 10 years ago using the best science but now the Christie Administration has proposed a 4 fold weakening of the standard in the most important part of the Highlands, the core contiguous forests closest to water supply intakes.

These changes ignore legislative intent by failing to 1) consider deep aquifer recharge and 2) require water quality to meet pre-existing rather than post-development standards.  

Don’t let Governor Christie call in the bulldozers to overdevelop this ecologically sensitive area and harm our water supplies.

Take Action:

Contact your state legislators and legislative leaders to pass ACR192 and block the Christie Administration's effort to weaken protections in the Highlands, the source of half of NJ's drinking water.